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Treasure Hunter's Manual's #1 thru #5 were basically published in small printed quanities when KvonM's prestigious "Exanimo Establishment" was located in Weeping Water, Nebraska (later moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, Silver City, New Mexico and then to Segundo, Colorado where Karl resided. Paul and Joan Tainter then became the owner's of "Exanimo" in '76/'77 when Karl turned the reins over to them in Fremont/Ames, Nebraska).
The THM #1-#5 were nothing more than really just small booklets printed,
which Karl published. And, virtually everything that was gleamed in them was incorporated into both THM #6 and THM #7. So, you're really not missing anything by not having them.

I myself don't even have these copies of #1-#5 of the THM's, and I've been around for awhile cutting my first teeth on Long John Latham's "True Treasure" magazine when it first came out back in the mid '60s. The "Manuals" indeed are out there, but suffice to say almost impossible to obtain for ones own TH'ing library, even when offering someone who has them, all of the money in your bank account.

Don, Robin, Siegfried and any others of you who are not aware and do not have what I'm about to tell you.

Go to the following link provided below located at "H. Glenn Carson Enterprises, Inc." website and scroll down that web page to where you'll see "Lost Treasures" listed amongst the topics. Click that on and scroll down that NEXT page to where you'll see the "National Prospector's Gazette" listed.
Even if you need to beg, borrow or steal the money to get them, PURCHASE ALL OF THEM, right now! (Glenn doesn't have the complete volumes #6-#12 anymore, after purchasing the remaining stock that was left from Paul and Joan Tainter's "Research Unlimited", formally "Exanimo Establishment" in Ames, Nebraska. But get the entire kit and caboodle from Glenn, that are left.).

"Carson Enterprises-COMPLETE BOOK CATALOG"

Those who know need not be told, especially the well-seasoned oldtimer's, but, for those who don't know, owning the "NPG" may quite possibly be the best investment you'll ever make if your entire life. To some of us who already own the complete volumes, they are considered more valuable than food or gold, for the wealth of information that they provide.

The "National Prospector's Gazette and Treasure Hunters News" (and even, his harder to locate now, "Exanimo Express) was Karl von Mueller's periodical editorial "mouthpiece". They are the "Mother" (newspaper/tabloid format) of all treasure publications in the history of treasure literature. The late Johnny Pounds, "The Treasure Hunter" magazine, would probably be considered next, by many. And, all of the late Gene Ballinger's prestigious publications, as well.

Most of the well-known professional treasure hunters are gone now, but, their "words of wisdom" which they left for us and those following us to read, will live on forever in print.
...And, you'd better believe it!

Happy Hunting, Everyone! :-)

~ Alan ~


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