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July 11, 2002 at 22:35:29
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posted by Hoang Ho Ceo Mean Co Inc on July 11, 2002 at 07:07:44

Unfortately even with a stale economy, many investors are scared to death to invest money in American interprises where their money may be completely lost or confiscate by the United States Government for breaking federal and state antiquity laws.

Even if you have Geophysical proofe and core drill samples to show investors what is actually buried below, this is still a very very risky interprise in the public domain in America without the proper permits.

In America recovering Treasure isn't quite as easy as a construction project. Because, once the glitter hits the sun light, you can bet leaks will allert the feds, if this action is covert, unless you have a registered archeologist and special Government permits to excavate with legal permission from the land owner.

If the commodity is 100% bullion and you can prove ownership, you might be ok once taxes are paid on the bullion sales. But I don't see how historical antiquities will ever be legally sold without permits to do so, because these items are American heritage legacies which is owned legally by the US Government.

I think this is why you don't see Treasure Hunting investment ads in the newspaper. There is just no market out there for really risky interprises. I mean who wants to loose everything and go to jail too?

Any takers out there?

If I have made any errors here, you might check with the lawyer that is allowing you to do this. I personally don't think it's legal. But what the hey, I'm not a lawyer either.

Why not expand on this legal issue involved with what you're doing and how you are able to do this legally? I for one am very curious to know how you are able to do this in America legally?

I'm certain other readers are interested too?

I wish you smooth waters and good luck.



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