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Nope. "Sudden Wealth" is completely 100% different from both "THM #6 and #7".
The book is not very thick, either.

Basically it is comprised of waybills to El Dorado, with old newspaper articles containing treasure leads and of unknown tales of both lost and recovered treasures caches from around the country that had been sent in to Karl over the years from folks. A scrapbook of treasure leads, in other words.

There was one story in it about the so-called "Bailey House" which is not very far from where I live, where a nice cache had been located by a TH'er. I went to this house shortly after I read this story, but, unfortunately I didn't have any luck with caches.
I did however pick up several old rare insultors that had fallen to the ground from poles, sold them and put $200.00 into my leather cash register, which actually made the entire trip worthwhile. :-)

It has treasure leads galore, Don! So, get the book, if you can!

~ Alan ~


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