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July 12, 2002 at 22:26:47
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posted by Alan on July 12, 2002 at 14:34:28

Friend Alan, Great memories and a phenomenal memory you have. Bibliophilically have you ever seen a copy of Aaron's Express as listed in JoE? I couldn't even find that puppy in the librarians only version of the Union list. Also can you provide an actual count of all those Gene Ballenger specials? I remember the Association Newsletter out of Oscoda, MI then one in Florida then one in New Mexico. In The Steps of the Treasure Hunter was one of them but I disremember the title of the other one. Drove me nuts back then how generally he spoke. Eventually figured it out by reading between the lines. Used to attend the Treasure Hunters Conventions in Weeping Water and the impromptu meets in Tortilla Flats and Apache Junction. Knew the Tainters years ago. What caused them to pull the pin on Exanimo Express? I also knew L.L. "Abe" Lincoln and Richard Ray. Was fortunate enough to have a few letters from Karl von Mueller and some autographed books. Never got to meet him but we both had ties to the same town in Illinois. I noticed that many of his books appeared first in an early form in the NPG. They were then edited and reprinted as books. I suspected that was the case with Vyza and had hoped someone had copied those pages from NPG and could supply them. Enough run on. I'm sure I'm boring the socks off the newcomers. My Very Best Regards, Siegfried Schlagrule


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