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July 14, 2002 at 18:39:30
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posted by Siegfried Schlagrule on July 13, 2002 at 22:21:01

I just meant to say that we used to sell them. But we still have Owlhooters 1 and 2, Coinshooter's Manual, Waybills to Eldorado V 1 (only made 1 of a proposed 10). These few are still sorta in print (or haven't come to the end of the box). Also some of his reprinted Placer Miner's Manual but that is just a fed publication.

Several others could go back in print. Encyclopedia of THing was reprinted but now those are gone as well. What kind of demand would there be for THMs, Sudden Wealth, Treasure of the Valley of Secrets, etc, etc. I think there would be some but, alas, I feel that there would actually be less than some of us oldtimers would hope-nostalgia, etc. It seems that the modern trend is more for just plain detectorist stuff-note contents of the treasure mags.

Others come and go. Just sold last THM7. Still have one Journals of Eldorado (did you know Estee died last Fall?).

Steve R


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