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July 15, 2002 at 07:46:33
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posted by Alan on July 14, 2002 at 18:05:13

Friend Alan, Send me an email address privately and I'll give you the real name and real email. Pretty sure you wouldn't give it out. I will narrow your guesses down. I wrote one of the books von Mueller put in his use every day list in volume one of Waybills to Eldorado. It's the one you don't have and I am not Willie Sutton. Karl and I both had roots to Springfield, Illinois and He was in the army in 1934 and I was born 1952. I am now back in the midwest but not in Illinois. Go back there to visit kids frequently. I had articles/letters/tips published in Discover, NTHL magazine, Exanimo Express, NPG and Western & Eastern Treasures. Mot sure what year my last article was published. My first appeared in NTHL in 1974 in the error issue. Same magazine published twice with two different covers and strangely enough they paid me twice. I was told that the only ones who got that issue were the people with articles in it. Must have been made on a Monday. Some pages and articles carried over and some didn't. Don't mind you trying to guess who I am privately but please don't do it on this open forum. Final clue. I am not on this forum under my real name. This is not my alter-ego - just me. I recall the Cyrus posts. I don't think we ever met unless it was when I was stationed in California 1970-1971 and 1973-1974. Or maybe one of the treasure hunters conventions in Weeping Water. Didn't go to the Arizona gatherings to meet folks. Just did a "sit down and shut up and pay attention". Learned alot from some of those old coots. Today I are one. LOL Look forward to hearing from you. Very wise ofd you to link Cyrus and I together. We both use words that mean dowsing rod in our pen names. Best Regards, Siegfried Schlagrule


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