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July 15, 2002 at 16:25:20
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posted by Siegfried Schlagrule on July 15, 2002 at 07:46:33

Say no more, Siegfried, I have you pegged and will hush my mush! ;-x

It took a bit of some vigorous skull work (my head hurts, now! :-( ), but, I have figured out who you are, buddy.

...Well, I'll be damned! I'll be a son-of-a-gun!

Howdy, Baron von Schlagrule! I must say, that it is an extreme honor and pleasure to finally get to meet you, sir!

I must confess, that I was stumped at first. But, the clue that you gave about having written an article in Ray Smith's "NTHL", solved the mystery for me. ;-)

You are right, bub, I don't have your book. But, I can honestly tell you straight-from-the-shoulder, that I greatly admired and truly enjoyed ALL of your articles, letters, tips, etc., in all of the publications which you mentioned. You have indeed been around and gathered some valuable "horsesense" in your ol' noggin. You are a genuine pro, Siegfried.
There are many a nod of the heads, but very few smiles that weight them. Thank you, for some very interesting and entertaining arm-chair reading, my friend. :-)

Siegried, I have to ask you, is your book, still in print anywhere? Or, do you have any extra personal copies of your own which you could possibly sell me?
I will e-mail you my details privately, if you do, my friend.
Thank you!

Now, a bit of food for thought about myself.
You probably won't recall my name at all. I'm not a writer, or anyone even faintly famous. Basically I sat on the fence and stayed in the shadows. But, nearly ALL of the old time professionals in the treasure hunting and prospecting circle of companions knew me like I was one of their own brothers. I've been around, too, but, did it very quietly. Silence is golden, you know.
I did send letters, and a few tips to many of the old treasure publications. My first letter appeared in John H. "Long John" Latham's, January 1972 issue of "Treasure World" magazine.
But, I was a subscriber to them all!
Everything, from the mid-sixties forward that you can think of, and even some that you can't.
But, the "Holy Grail" of them all, was Karl von Mueller's "National Prospector's Gazette and Treasure Hunters News" (NPG) and the original "Exanimo Express" (XX). Ballinger's numerous newspapers were also tops. Along with Johnny Pounds "The Treasure Hunter" 'zine. Ray Smith's (His sister is married to Charles Garrett, if you didn't know that) "National Treasure Hunters League", "8-States Associates", etc., etc...

I too, learned a lot from all of those old coots with their interesting and important savvy and sage advise. Enough to pave the way for me, for the rest of my life.
But, you know, it's funny when you think about it, now, how much treasure hunting has changed after Bill "Hardrock Hammond", Karl von Mueller, Bob Nesmith, Bill Mahan, "Montana Larry" Campbell, Johnny Pounds, E.S. "Rocky" LeGaye, L.L. "Abe" Lincoln, Ray Smith, Gene Ballinger, Richard Ray, Shirley T. "Estee" Conatser, and so many others whom we remember all passed away.
What the hell is a detectorist, anyway? It sounds like some horrible disease!

Tell you what, I'm a treasure hunter and mighty proud of it!
...In fact, an old one, to boot!

Nah, 51 ain't old! ;-)

Take care, Siegfried, my friend!
And, my very best to you, too! :-)

~ Alan ~


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