Re: So Patrick is a LUE seeker?
July 21, 2002 at 16:52:51
In Reply to: Re: So Patrick is a LUE seeker?
posted by Richard Walburn on July 21, 2002 at 16:03:36

I know who you are Richard, after reading your fascinating hypothesis on where you believe European Explorer, Sir Francis Drakes treasure is buried using the new "NERS" (Natural Earth Rejection Syndrome) technology, in "Treasure Seekers" magazine, years back. So, you need not explain your golden credentials to me, buddy.

By the way, I'm willing to bet you're "X" marks the exact spot, too!
But, in the attempt to dig, the spade will definitely hit legal mumbo-jumbo if ever one was to try and recover anything.
And, that's the name of that tune! ;-)

Good luck to you, always, Richard!
And, all my best!

Kindest Regards,
Sincere Best Wishes,

~ Alan ~


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