Re: Heard about ghosts telling people where a treasure is hidden?
August 10, 2002 at 19:30:53
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posted by Jon on August 10, 2002 at 06:20:54

Why didn't you ask this question in your last post, instead of the way you did? I never said I knew the name of the toxic gas, only that I had seen the statement in several treasure books. If you like, I can look them up and give you the titles and page numbers. This occurence is also suppose to happen (SOMETIMES) when a cave is opened for the first time in a hundred years or so that contain precious metals. As a chemist, are you aware that buried metal can leach out in the surrounding soil? When this happens, a chemical reaction has taken place over a long period of time. I know that at least 3 conditions are necessary for this to take place. They are metal, soil and moisture. I assume that the same chemical reaction causing the leaching effect causes the toxic gas. Now, IF this is so, it would have to be naturally occuring poisonous gas. Could it be cyanide or methane? I vote for methane, since this is known to occur in coal mines. Do you have experience with this type of toxic gas? Whatever the gas is, it can be burned off. Again, I vote for methane, since methane can be burned or even expode. Please, weigh in with your opinion.


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