Need help to locate buried treasure
August 12, 2002 at 21:57:41

Need help to find buried treasure.
My mother in law lives on a small town near Guadalajara Mexico, her house is part of the house of a very wealthy man who married her cousin, she lived with them for a long period of time and she bought half of this man original house when he was killed in a train by one of his friends to rob him.
They know he had a lot of gold and must be hidden either on the part of the house that my mother in law bought or in the house of her relatives.
As the man was killed he didn t have the time to tell his wife where the money is buried, this incident took place a long time ago in the 1920 when there was no bank in the town.
They have recovered some china and wine bottles and firearms that this man buried, and they where aware of but never found the gold.
The site has been restored and iron was used in the roof structure, what kind of metal detector will be better to look for this treasure?
What kind of advice can you give me?
The place has a lot of new construction but the owners don't mind to dig if there is a chance that a metal detector can pinpoint that gold.


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