Re: "Bootleg" [Pirate] Edition of KvonM's THM #7 ?
August 15, 2002 at 20:58:21
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posted by fred hollister on August 15, 2002 at 11:12:18

Howdy, Fred!

In mid 1970, I purchased off of the shelf from "Miners, Inc. - Suppliers of Geologists and Engineers Worldwide" (now located in Riggins, ID), which was originally a very small equipment and supply emporium providing the needs for the geologist and the miner in the Mother Lode area, located in an old brick bank building in Newcastle, California, a copy of Karl von Mueller's "Treasure Hunter's Manual - 7th Edition". Incidently, this was the very first book I ever bought of Karl's. Many more were soon to follow, though.

My copy of KvonM's "THM - 7th Ed." (I also have different copies of both the soft and hardbound 7th Edition versions in my library, which were reprinted later on by Ram Publishing Company.), is exactly as you described. Only my copy has in addition to the light green cardstock pieces like yours, a heavier, indented finish, plain white, single piece wraparound cardstock cover, glued at the spine.
It also has western style black lettering on both the spine and the front cover (no photos shown on the front or back covers).

The Book No. which you have given, sure does ring a bell, Fred. But, unfortunately, I'm unable to match numbers with you, because my huge prospecting and treasure hunting book archives are all packed away in storage boxes, for lack of room at where I live now.

One very important thing worth mentioning here though, about my possible, supposed bootleg [pirate] copy of Karl von Mueller's "Treasure Hunter's Manual - 7th Edition", is that it was printed in 1970, by "Eight States Associates", of Boulder, Colorado.

Is mine a counterfeit copy?
I give up. Someone tell me.
But, the funny thing is, that I never saw a copy like how mine appears, ever sold in "Eight States Associates" book catalogs of the 1970s, or anywhere else for that matter.

Strange, indeed.

My very best to you, Fred! ;-)

Kindest Regards,
Sincere Best Wishes,

~ Alan ~


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