Join TH'ing Expedition
November 25, 2002 at 07:55:32

I am in the early, very early, stages of planning a, no time limit, or what ever time is required for a particular treasure, treasure hunting expedition!
I have several sites/legends, of my own, researched and being reseached!
If you decide to join, for one or all, your part would allow you equal shares!
Your expenses would be your personal, ie: food etc & share of operating expenses!
Operating expenses are, If the treasure is found, what equipment etc it would take to recover!
One shovel or two ('dozer or!) Or!!!
I have the means to fly over suspect areas.
I also have additional financing (High!) available that we/partners could not or can not come up with!
IF you are serious and can afford the time and would like the experience...!
If you have a treasure that you'd like to look could be included!
This is a serious won't be asked for any money up front!
But!You will be asked for some of your time, to do some research!
You will be asked to sign a legal & binding confidential non disclosure agreement!!
ME? I am a FULL TIME TH'er/prospector!
I have many many years IN THE FIELD, not "ArmChairing IT!Plus I have the usual/unusual equipment,ie: portable core drill, etc and other equipment!


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