Haunted treasure
January 25, 2003 at 21:36:02

Located a site with a long range locater MFD that indicated gold only. Pin pointed and then probed to find an object approx 12 X 18 inches at 4 3/4 feet. Dug down to the depth indicated by the probe and nothing there. Returned a few days later and probed the sides of the hole and discovered a solid object about three inches to the side like we had just missed it. Dug in the three inches and nothing. Probed again and large solid object at about six inches further back, you could feel and hear the object each time the probe hit it but could never get to it. It always stayed back about 3-6 inches and we dug back under about 2 -21/2 feet chasing the thing. would not have believed it if someone had told me but I did see and have to believe it. Has anyone out there ever dealt with this before? My partner wants to return to the site and attempt to reason with what ever force is moving the object but i"m not sure i want to be part of anymore operations on the site...Karl


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