Help needed with computerized treasure hunting
February 06, 2003 at 18:11:28

Preface: A few years ago, while watching an archeolgy program on "The Discovery" channel, I seen the arecheolgists using ground radar and over layed maps to determine where a site of interest was. I thought to myself, "I can do this with my computer!"

So off I sent money to companys such as K.B Slocum, copied old maps at my town's library, ect. Slowly my collection of maps grew, until finally I though, "Great, now I can get started making some over layed treasure maps."

Unfortunilly, I didn't have a good printer at the time, and my scanner didn't have the resolution to really pull through the details I required. This past xmas changed all that. Now have a much better scanner and a new hp photosmart printer. But I still can't do the maps the way I want...! (sigh)

To accomplish what I would like to do, I purchased a copy of DeLorme's Topo-USA 4.0. Niiiiceee program by the way! Using a built in feature of Topo, I would like to print each county in my state on 4 8.5x11 pieces of paper. This is the easy part.

The problem I have is when I go to resize my data maps to conform to the same size as the topo maps. The data maps that I have are all in .gif or .jpeg format. Any attempt I've done to zoom in on these to conform the the 4 sheet per county rule I'ld like to use, and all the details of my data maps become sooooo blurry, they are basically useless.

More detail required... Before I got to this point I had hoped to eventually have even smaller scaled maps, so I could grid them out say at 50' intervals. If I can't get the details I want at county level, sheesh, I don't even dare attempt to go to smaller scale!

What should I do?




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