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February 07, 2003 at 08:07:35
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Thanks for the imput. I'ld like to hear more about this program Fagawai. Can I find it via a google search? Or do you have a link? I'ld also like to mention, I was asking the same questions in a chat room last night. Someone suggested I look into GIS software, in as much maps are done in raster format. You know anything about this?

I should have listed the reasons I need these maps when I posted last yesterday. I'm not really into lost treasures, spanish or other wise. I'm more into the metal detecting end of things.

Example... Near my home I have a picnic grove that I detect. Have found a few good things so far, but I know I could do better. So with a little leg work and some cash I was able to obtain an early 1800's map of the area. This shows me where native american villages where along with trading posts and what not. From my local library, I was able to find a early 1900's map that shows the same area as being a "Day Camp"

For my "base" map which will be printed on paper, I'll use Topo USA for that area. The two other maps that I mentioned I'd like to print out on transparencies, so that I can over lay them on the contour map. The last "map" I'd like to add to the "sandwich" would be a simple grid, that would divide the whole area into 50'x50' squares.

The last thing I need to purchase is a good GPS unit. (Could use some advice on which would suit my purpose here!)
When I go into an area, I first use a bigfoot on my xlt. With this I start to build a pattern. It also helps me remove the more annoying trash. Once I've done this, I can now go back with my 8" and 5" loops and really clean up in the areas that are producing more.

My second need for detailed maps is for gold prospecting. Illinois isn't really known for being a gold state. But like all midwestern states, we've got flour or micro gold. All this was brought down from Canada by glaciers about 10,000 years ago. To increase my odds in finding gold in my area I've had to do a little reseach at my states geological website. There I found a few useful maps. One map shows where the glaciers stopped, another shows where bedrock is exposed. If I can locate areas where bedrock is exposed down slope from the glaciers end morains, I have greatly increased my odds in finding gold.

The maps I downloaded from my states geological sociaty are the ones I'm really having problems with. I don't have to drop them down to the scale I would if I was metal detecting, however, any attempt to blow them up to the 4 sheet rule....there goes all the detail!

Before buying Topo, I use to use DeLorme's Gazetteer state atlas. If I could get the glacier/bedrock maps to that size, I'd be happy!!!

Sorry about rambling, but I thought it best to explain why and what I need the maps for...



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