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February 08, 2003 at 16:23:25
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posted by boomer on February 07, 2003 at 15:32:13

In the world of "land" treasure hunting you generally have three types of buried treasures. There is the outlaw treasure, the Spanish treasure and the KGC treasure. Bear in mind this doesn't take into account the various "single" treasures out there such as the Lost Dutchman, The Beale treasure, etc.

Although there is not much published information on the KGC they were a group larger than 500 people and they were very active in what they did. The group themsleves were treasure hunters which accounts for a large portion of the "loot" they hid. The problem with treasures signs is that the KGC used a mixture of Spanish, Indian and their own markings so any site with carvings could be assumed to be KGC when in reality it is not.

A true KGC treasure site is more like a "layout" than a site. It encompasses anywhere from a half mile square are to several hundred square miles in area. All of the sites are connected to other sites by subtle clues that most individuals do not "see" or understand. If you have ever seen an acutal KGC site you will know the difference between it and an outlaw cache or even a spanish site.

The majority of research you will find out there will indicte the group was small and did not accomplish much. The rest of the information, such as my post, has to be taken on faith until it can be proven otherwise. This leaves the KGC hunter in the situation that he has to decide what he should or should not believe. The smart hunter will take it all in and keep it in the back of his mind so when in the field it might be something that will help. The big problem is the KGC had different "codes" they used at different sites so that if you just try to use one code it may not work in the area you are in.

Keep an open mind, beleive what you will and don't discount anything until you fidn a hole , empty or full!


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