The Ghost Vaults of Dominus
February 11, 2003 at 12:02:49

Hello all.

My name is Billy.

I'm a Historical Researcher living in the Old Southwest. My extensive research has uncovered a Matrix of Treasure Vaults spreading from California to Texas. Each one of these Vault Locations holds Seven Different Storage Chambers. Each of those Chambers holds the precious metals of the Mine they were constructed for. There is a total of 49, to be exact.

They also contain Religious Items of Priceless Value and great Historical significance. I have decoded the first three of seven seals of the Map that I have acquired from my research. This has given me the location of the first Vault that is said to contain a Chest made of Gold. This Chest has contained within it a Map to the other locations. The Vaults are said to contain Precious Metals of Unspeakable Wealth.

Captain Bill sounds like he is looking for the same kind of Treasure. We could do each other good to consolidate our efforts.

I have permission to excavate the site or I can buy it outright. I have a deep seeker, a White 808. I also have a white 5900. Both are at the factory being rebuilt right now. I tear them up a lot going around the places I search.

I have just recently found the tie-in to many of the Legends of lost mines including the Iron Door Mine north of Tucson, AZ. I have Maps of the Location given to me by a retired Treasure Seeker that found his Vault and is living off the proceeds of it.

I did not know about or see the Legend tie-in until I did the research and uncovered it. While doing this document discovery I took a look at the mislabeled Peralta Stones. I discovered they are not from the Peralta Family, and they are simply talking about the San Pedro River. It was while I was looking at them I discovered they are a master Map set, giving the Locations and directions to many Mines and Treasures. The King of Spain had a centralized system for documenting and locating the mines should they ever need to with draw from New Spain (Desert Southwest).

The Vatican had their version of this location system only they modified it to work for them only. They stored the Gold for one thing only. To build the Seven Cities of Dominus (God). This is in their own handwriting from their own Padres and Bishops. There are many records in the Archives of the Indies to verify this.

The Map of this area has been around for centuries and no one has found a thing. Many have died looking for it. Not one person including some of the best cryptographers and cartographers from the Universities or working for the government has been able to decipher the Open Camouflage matrix of the Spanish Vatican Map.

No one has ever been able to succeed in the unlocking of the first of the Seven seals on the Map.

Where others have failed, I have accomplished this feat. I have done this with my extensive and exhaustive research in both the field and in the Archives.
This is why I know so much about what they were doing and how they did it.

I do not have a GPR and have no more money to fund any more of my Field Expeditions without one.

I cannot get the required permits to excavate in a wilderness area. Does anyone know how to do this?

I don't need it for all the areas I'm searching so far, just the one.

I need access to one of the latest GPR real time Digital Imaging Systems to be sure I am not digging for nothing and bring attention to my actions.

If any of you know of somebody that has a GPR in the Tucson Area please let me know how to get in touch with this person.

Remember that no one will believe you until you "Show them the Money".

Billy Crypto


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