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February 17, 2003 at 14:41:45
posted by Richard on February 17, 2003 at 13:21:16


You have part of the equation correct when you say that the KGC like to put down caches on state lines. You just haven't gone far enough. The KGC used several different "lines" when placing caches in the ground and sometimes the only thing you had was one or two clues that indicate what line and where to begin. The "line" caches were originally designed to be worked using a transparent overlay onto a regular county/topographical map of the time. The small number of clues were just there to tell you that you are in the right spot and to indicate where the overlay should be used.

The KGC operated into the 1900s (approximately 1916), continually putting caches in the ground until that time. They also came back and moved some caches to other spots within the originall areas the cahce was located in, changing the clues/carvings along the way. When this was done they also changed the type of code at the site so that someone following the original clues would not/could not read the second code, therefore making it extremely difficult to locate the cache.

They were very tricky in how they placed their caches, using several hidden reverses along the way, decoys and a mixture of code. They knew the geology and geography of the area where the cache was placed and in some instances used engineers to place the caches. This was not a group of lazy men nor were they stupid.

Good luck in your hunting!


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