February 25, 2003 at 06:46:15
posted by Dale on February 25, 2003 at 01:05:10

FIRST OFF, I'm no ones FOOL. NOR, was I BORN YESTERDAY under a cabbage leaf, DALE. Although, I KNOW there are those that wish I had of been, so I would keep my big mouth shut, and NOT expose rip-off, con stuff. I think I would rather hear some OBJECTIVE input from others, not just yours. NOT that I don't TRUST you, NOT knowing who you are, yet knowing you're a mouthpiece for this Fitz guy, directing me to RUSH the PROCESS, and get the process going (as you put it), and RUN out RAPIDLY, and DROP DOWN some big bucks that will move directly into someone's pocket, and out of mine. Please don't be offended, I guess I'm just kind of wary of gadgets, gimmicks, and my hard earned money being transferred in to other's pockets. SORRY. So DALE....let's hear from someone else, rather that just listening to your advertisment, and website direction. People, this a good example of being very very cautious, and investigating certain high dollar equipment and HOW-TO go about doing it. Take your time, all the time you want. Don't RUSH out and be a fool for the money. That treasure has been there for quite sometime, it's not moving around on you, or anyone else. Don't get greedy and think someone else will get to it before you do. There are people out there waiting, getting rich, using the desires for wealth to line their pockets with your gold. More greed. But are they digging and using the bank account method, to aquire their gold mine? Absolutely! That's the way it has always been, and will always be this way. Nothing new. It's not to say that this equipment is the best thing since sliced bread, but be careful people. If it were that GREAT, the nightly news would have winners every night showing the marvels of their gold/silver finding machine! Don't think it wouldn't happen just because people don't want everybody to know they found gold. There are people that would NOT care, in fact they would be dancin' 'round proud to be in the limelight, displaying their pounds of gold. Take THAT to the bank! You'll see 'em, they're on TV from time to time, with lotto wins. But, can you imagine the marvels of that kind of equipment! Not one person, could NOT afford, NOT to get one! Plus, the company would not be able to keep up with the production of a gold/silver finding machine that can locate from a great, or even reasonable distance. THEY DO WANT THE PUBLICITY, for sure!! Think of the sells! BUYER...ALWAYS BEWARE! Get some objective input, from OTHER sources, and watch out whenever money is being separated from you. Especially big bucks. That won't necessarily make the money come to you quicker, it could take A LOT LONGER to recover it, and probably will! Anyone else have any input on these Fitzgerald units, or units like 'em? Someone that doesn't have a vested interest in their company?? Yours truly, NOT...Billy Bob :)


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