February 26, 2003 at 11:29:42
posted by Dale on February 26, 2003 at 05:39:17

I've heard enough of this guy's name callings, and the Bullet guy's name callings also. Trying associate me with someone they don't like. They have both been reported for slanderous name calling, and disturbing the forum. They've been doing it consistently since I've been trying to get information on LDL's & LRL's, the last several days. Calling me a clown, saying, I'm flaming (even a few of his buddies, birds of a feather you know), Bullet saying I'm on a crusade (am now, Bullet), saying I smell fishy, don't get sucked in, be careful (better beware of him, is more like it) , calling me a horsefly (just fly is fine :) ), commenting on my posts with put downs, and having no substance. Being a total assh__e disturbance to me, and even others (go up and look at the the, TO HELL WITH DALE, post). Folks, there is always one in every crowd, sometimes several. Nuffs enough, had to do it. They are acting like a horse's patoon. If anyone else thinks his, sucked-in horsefly, comment here is not appropriate, click on it and report him, stop 'em, it'll help the forum. If you go back and see where Dale's and Bullet's name calling started, we'll see that I wasn't going be lured into going to a LDL company for information like he wanted me to. He stated, GET THE PROCESS GOING, CALL THIS MAN"! Strange wording for a stranger with a first reply back. Like high pressure. I've been in sales before. But of course that wording meant, quick, get with that company, and buy an LDL from them fast. Rush into it, drop down your thousands. I, saw through this QUICK, and commented about not caring for such a sales pitch for the company, etc. He left a nice little website address and everything. Yeah, now, I could, "GET IT THE PROCESS GOING! Ever have anybody say to you, "GET THE PROCESS GOING?" He told me NOTHING of substance, just go get it going, contact so-and-so for all your answers. No thanks, Dale, not right now, thank you, I'll process my own money. I've desired practical, real user information on LDL's, from people that have used 'em. After that is when they both started their name calling and flamings. They are still doing it. Just don't want to be nice, I guess. THEY ARE GOING TO STOP IT THOUGH! :) I've truly appreciated the good practical suggestions and help from the normal, no agenda, posters sharing their experiences. Bob


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