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    Mar 2004

    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    Good Going Keith! That is a sweet haul keep it up. Cladius.

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    Random chance seems to have operated in our favor

    Oct 2004
    4 times
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    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    Man, it looks like I better spend more time water hunting!! Great finds!! Hope this year you'll have to post pics. in a wheelbarrow.

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    Professional Dirtfisher!

    Nov 2004

    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    Hmmm, yes when '05 started, i said i would find more coins, and rings this year than i have ever!!! Great finds Keith!!!!! HH CS
    It is easier to ask FORGIVENESS than permission.

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    Jan 2004

    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    Lowbatts, half of everything there is old finds at least 50-60 yrs old, the ring on the second row from the top all the way on the left side is 19th century french with a nice mine cut diamond. The one beach I hit has been gone over by everybody and most all my finds there were very deep and usually took at least 15-30 minutes just to get them out of the clay and rock mixture which is like digging in cement.
    My friend said he has hit Bigfoot in the past and that it was littered with iron but NOW I'm going to hit it for sure.One of my customers is up that way and I could hit during the morning hours before the crowds show up. Are you in this area?

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    Jul 2003
    Fishers 1235X-8" CZ-20/21-8" F-70-11"DD GC1023
    38 times

    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    Yep, worked Bigfoot Beach a few times. Was sitting at water's edge which isn't hard to do there as you know. A little boy picked up a diamond ear stud in front of me and handed it to his granny. He was just picking through pebbles. I used to work up in Harvard with a gal from there and she had some great finds on her cleanups every Sunday night.

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    Colonial Coin Hunter

    Apr 2004
    Minelab Explorer II, Garrett MASTER HUNTERS 7/ADS GROUNDHOG, Compass X-100
    275 times
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    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    excellent haul Keith! WTG!?
    'Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.'
    Found with EX II
    1723 Spanish Two Reale
    1786, 1787, 1789 and no-date Spanish One reales (two at 10 deep)
    Nova Constellatio with no date (1783-1786) at 12 deep
    Liberty Cap Copper with no date (1793-1796),
    Draped Bust Copper (with no date)
    1796 Draped Bust Copper
    1807 Draped Bust Copper
    1854 Seated Quarter
    1901 Barber Quarter.
    1870s and 1880s Indian heads

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    Dec 2004

    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    Nice collection I'm jealous

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    Dec 2004
    east northport ny
    Whites Prizm 5 Garrett ace 350
    32 times

    Re: Finds for 2004 (pics)

    i have to agree with stoney and try out water hunting


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