4 Firsts for 2010
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    Mar 2009
    Derry, New Hampshire.
    Minelab E-Trac,Fisher F-70,Bounty Hunter 505,Garrett Pro Pointer
    47 times
    Metal Detecting

    4 Firsts for 2010

    2010 proved to be a good year for me.
    I managed my first Gold ring/with diamonds,first Large Cent(x2)...no dates yet,still soaking in olive oil,my first Barber Dime(x2) a 1900o and a 1906D,and a no date Buffalo nickel.But I must call it the year of the .925 silver ring(15 total).
    Total clad found this year added up to $205.29

    Dollar Coins :3 total;George Washington:1;Thomas Jefferson :1;Millard Fillmore:1
    Clad Quarters :375
    Barber Dimes:2(1900o,1906D)
    Mercury Dimes:1(1935)
    Silver Rosies:4(50,53,57,58)
    Clad Dimes:779
    Buffalo Nickel:1(no date)
    Nickels: 377(oldest:1938D,2-1940,1941,1944P,1954)
    Large Cents:2(no date)
    Wheat Penny:35(oldest 1911,1919)
    Memorial Penny:1179

    Non-US Coins
    U.K.-5 pence:3,New Penny:2
    Mexico-5 centavos
    Argentina:1 centavo
    Phillipines:10 Centavos
    Hungary: 2 Filler coin & 2 Forint coin
    Korea 100 Won coin
    Canada dime:1 Canada nickel:1 Canada penny:28(oldest-1957)
    Bermuda Dime:1

    Gameroom Tokens:10
    N.H. Public Works Token:5
    Rhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority Token:2
    N.H. Public Service Company Token:2
    Lake Winni Pier Token
    Make a Difference token
    Pikachu Token
    Antics Token
    Angel Token:1
    carose Tokenl:1
    Massachusetts Boston Transit Authority Token:1

    Gold Jewelry
    10K Ring w/3 small diamonds

    Silver Jewelry
    .925 rings-15
    Silver magnifying glass pendant
    silver religious medallion
    silver cross and chain
    Star pin with clear stones
    .925 St.Mary Medallion
    Sterling Watchband with stones
    Sterling American Eagle Company Button

    Notable Relics

    Metal Boot heel piece
    Guitar Pic
    Piglet Zipper Fob
    Kilgore Pal toy gun
    Navy eagle button
    lion head button
    metal button-13
    fishing weight:3;Fishing Lure:3;Bullet:3;Buckle:1;Silver Wing:1;Keys:4
    Oldest find :1785 Spanish 1/2 Reale('11)
    4-Lg Cents:1856,no date x 3
    21-I.H.:1864,1865,1874,1875,1887,1888,1891,1896 x 3,1898,1900 x 2,1902,1903,1904,1906,1907 x 2,1909x2
    2 Cent:1864
    5-Buffalo:1917-D,1924,1932,(no date x 2)
    4-Barber Dime:1900,1900-O,1905,1906-D
    Quarters:Variety 1 No Date SLQ,1944
    Half Dollar:1944 Walker

    2017 Clad = $
    2017 Rings =



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