Photo hosting website suggestions needed
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    Photo hosting website suggestions needed

    What do you guys use for your photo hosting needs? The reason I ask is that I now need a new website to store all my ebay & personal photos.

    I've been using Photobucket for these past few years but they've recently been changing things around so not not only is it more difficult to use but they're now charging me if I want to simply upload any more pics to their site.

    What I need in a photo hosting site:

    1. Large capacity to hold photos
    2. The ability to make and use folders, sub-folders, etc.
    3. Ease of use
    4. Free or very low cost

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you pass my way!

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    Here is my suggestion even though I really do not like the company. They keep raising the price but what they do is great.

    It is

    It is much more than photo hosting. I compose all my ebay sales here and they post them on ebay at the time I tell them. (either immediately or at the day and time I say) They also keep track of all sales and closed auctions.

    Say I sold a brand new set of tools. I would take photos, upload to to auctiva, write my ebay ad using their template and then post on ebay. But maybe three months later I get another set of tools exactly the same, I could pull up old auction and resubmit.

    Cost is $10 month.
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