Starting to sweat...No tracking updates on an item I returned.
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Thread: Starting to sweat...No tracking updates on an item I returned.

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    Starting to sweat...No tracking updates on an item I returned.

    I started the return process recently on an item I received through a seller on ebay. This is a high numbers seller. Contacted them, said return is fine and refund will be issued once item is returned and received.

    I printed the ebay provided return label, repacked the item in the padded bag the seller shipped to me in, and sent it on its merry way.

    It made it out of my town, then onto the regional distribution center in my state, then left there and tracking has stalled. Ebay projected a delivery of May 14 back to seller. As of today, the 18th, Tracking shows In Transit, seller hasnt issued any refund.

    Getting nervous, so I looked up what insurance covered is included on Ebay provided return labels...answer is NONE.

    What kind of BS is that...

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    With the virus going on Ive had packages stalled in one spot for several days I would not worry this has happened 3 or 4 times the last month or two. Some times you can get more accurate tracking if you type the tracking number through usps or whatever service you used on thier site not just by clicking tracking on ebay......Tommy

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    What Tommy said. The USPS delivery has been spotty in some areas and not just the hard hit NY/NJ metro area. Some areas that have been minimally impacted due to COVID have items that seem to enter postal purgatory while areas that you expect to be delayed are delivered promptly. Give it time. Contact the seller to let them know and I'm sure once it is delivered the refund will be promptly issued.
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    I have had some packages sit in Oregon for 3-5 days. This has been UPS.
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    I once had a box of live chicks set idle for 4 days . luckily they arrived on day 7 all alive and ready to start their new life. I have more bad stories than good when it comes to the mail..
    the US post office sucks . if they weren't funded with our tax dollars they would have folded years ago.

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    I just had a package addressed from my house here in NC to Texas get delivered to a house 40 miles from me. Post office said it was delivered and did not care where it was delivered to.

    Thank goodness i had more than one of the same item and was less than 10 bucks.

    Reshipped and they got it.
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    The mail has been a lot slower than normal. Someone will probably find it and get it on its way. I have had items sit 5 days, but no more than that at one place or another.
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    Here recently, I've had some items get to me before the arrival date and some a week or two after. So, with the lockdowns going on, I think spotty time deliveries/arrivals on items may be a norm for a bit. I wouldn't sweat it yet.

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    Amazing.. JUST the other day..
    I sold something to someone in MI and tracking stopped in Detroit..
    I waited a week and gave the seller his money back, cause that's how I am.
    No thank you, no nothing..
    AThe other day, I checked and it was moving again and delivered the next day.
    Still nothing from the buyer.
    It's not the $$, it's the principle.
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