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    Feb 2007
    Houston, TX USA
    Don't have one yet!

    I have a collection of authentic native american artifacts for sale

    Here's pictures of some of the arrowheads I'm selling---I've already sold a lot of individual arrowheads, but I'll give a better price if someone buys the whole frame(s). Just let me know which individual arrowheads you want if you just want a few and I'll send you individual prices--they're pretty reasonable, between $4 and $20 depending on the artifact. I have a few more for sale that are cheaper and a few that are higher end and individually priced--let me know if y'all want pictures of those.

    I may take offers on these, but they're already very fairly priced--I need a little $$$ right now, so I'm putting the asking price a little below what I paid so they'll sell.

    $75 (21) (avg $ 3.50 each) + $5 shipping=$80 shipped not including frame, $90 including frame

    $150 (17) (avg $8.82 each) + $5 shipping= $155 shipped not including frame, $165 including frame

    $350 (52) (avg $6.73 each) + FREE SHIPPING + FREE FRAME

    $175 (18) (avg $9.80 each) + $5 shipping = $180 shipped not including frame, $190 including frame

    I have a couple more Native American artifacts/arrowheads for sale--this time from Kentucky. They're high quality and guarenteed 100% authentic in every way. I have Every single piece of info you could possibly want on them--info is recorded to the T in my record book. I have the river they were found in, county, and original finder. All info goes where the artifacts go.

    This first one is a Greenbrier from Kentucky. Very high quality material and craftsmanship with nice little serrations. Perfect. You'll have an extremelly hard time finding any that can compare to this one. It also has a fossil inclusion on the back of it, which makes it even more rare and unique. I hate to have to let it go, but I'm sure whoever buys it will give it a good home.

    $150 + $5 to ship---$155 shipped

    This next one is a very nice Turkey Tail from Kentucky--a perfect example of this type with a small ding on the tip. $85 + $5 shipping=$90 shipped

    If you want both, I'll sell the pair for $210 + $5 shipping= $215 shipped

    They are labeled with nail polish, which is easily removed in a minute with nail polish remover--it will not damage/discolor/demineralize the artifact in any way. I will remove the labels upon purchase and you may re-label them however you like.
    Thanks for looking

    I guarantee that every artifact is 100% authentic and within the next 2 months I'll fully refund your money less shipping if you find any of them to be otherwise (which they can't be because they're all real). I'll send you all the info on them if you buy them.

    I collect: Indian Artifacts, Coins from all eras, fossils, minerals, old diecast cars, old and new guns/knives, civil war bullets, etc.!



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