Massachusetts Indian Artifacts
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    Aug 2010

    Massachusetts Indian Artifacts

    When I was a child my grandfarther gave me this collection of assorted arrowheads and other pieces. I am trying to determine a value for the collection.
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    Re: Massachusetts Indian Artifacts

    dont know on value but its a darn nice collection!!!
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    Re: Massachusetts Indian Artifacts

    Considering the source, I'd say priceless...

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    Re: Massachusetts Indian Artifacts

    Quote Originally Posted by stefen
    Considering the source, I'd say priceless...
    Well said!

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    Re: Massachusetts Indian Artifacts

    Have you considered trying to get them back into the hands of a group of local indians, who might be interested in them,
    in light of their historical significance? I'm not preaching, or down-talking. But, that is a very nice collection of, not only
    arrowheads, but some other nice indian artifacts. You might be able to find out, through a town office about any indians/
    indian groups in your area, or the area your Dad found the points/artifacts in.
    Great collection. (If it was just points, then I would never have suggested returning the whole collection. And, perhaps
    you could sell the points and put the other artifacts in a local museum.) Whatever you decide, your Dad did good in finding/
    keeping/showing them.
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    Re: Massachusetts Indian Artifacts

    Wow great collection.I cant tell you what the collection is worth there but I can tell you that I have sold regular arrowheads up here for $10.00 to $15.00 a piece but if they are longer or have unusual stone colors then double to triple that.The last photo shows some axe heads that I have sold for anywhere from $95.00 to $175.00 a piece but the second last photo has some really unique pieces that could fetch suprising amounts depending on rarity in your area. If you plan to sell them find a auction company that has specialty native auctions and consign the lot and hope for the big one. Or enjoy the gift of your grandfather and pass it on. As for the natives, they have enough already and the ground is full of them.



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