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  1. River metal detecting
  2. goin detecting
  3. Anyone at queens?
  4. abandoned homes?
  5. advice
  6. is ground to hard still?
  7. Staten island???????
  9. Old Homesteads near Cortland, NY
  10. Contacting NYSGoldsite.com and nysgoldprospectors.com
  11. Just an fyi for west hills county park
  12. Sidewalk project Rye Brook
  13. Anyone in or around Cortland County? Looking for someone to dig with!
  14. Banning Metal Detecting in ERIE COUNTY NY ?
  15. anybody know any good spots near syracuse
  16. Detecting in Broome County ;ny
  17. Long beach since Sandy
  18. looking for places to metal detect
  19. Anybody know of any CNY cellar holes
  20. Looking For a Hunting Buddy or a few
  21. lookin for hunting partner oneida/lewis/herkimer counties
  22. Pelham Bay Park
  23. looking to hunt with someone tomorrow in the cortland/tompkins/broome county area..
  24. Anyone know any good areas in Long Island?
  25. Anybody interested in diving on long island?
  26. Nyc knockin on doors
  27. Schenectady parks
  28. Hello to all ya Upstaters!!
  29. Any good areas on long island for metal detecting?
  30. Need help
  31. Tannersville/Hunter NY
  32. Projectile Point/Arrowhead Hunting
  33. Looking for hunting buddies in NYC
  34. Anyone within 25 miles of New Hartford, NY want to hunt?
  35. Cony Island This Weekend
  36. NYC Permit - Overly Restrictive? Ignore?
  37. Spring is here in Upstate NY...Wayne county looking for partner
  38. Western NY
  39. Property laws!
  40. Real estate business in NY !
  41. Public areas in Central NY w/ potential ? HELP!!!
  42. central ny MD'ing
  43. experiences with getting permission to search farmland
  44. Staten island ane one????
  45. Newbie in Galway say's hello
  46. Old Pa's Woodshed in Binghamton
  47. Nugget
  48. Who from long island can tell me....
  49. Any one now good farmers fields where u can find good stuff on long island NY
  50. Hi every body who is from LONG ISLAND ????? I need ur advise
  51. Lake George NY
  52. Anyone know of any farm fields worth detecting in Central NY?
  53. Cabin Fever
  54. Pilgrim State Hospital , Long Island
  55. Anyone from central ny?
  56. Hello! New member here! New Yaawkers! et al.
  57. A little help with buying accessories for EXCAL II
  58. Anyone with a 2-Box in Central NY?
  59. Gold and Silver Claims in NYS-original files for sale in pdf format
  60. Niagara falls
  61. Central NY Hunters..near or around Owego
  62. Looking to detect within the Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie County/Capital Area
  63. Detecting Rheinbeck area
  64. Cache Hunting
  65. group hunt oswego county area
  66. Water hunters in central ny
  67. anyone in or near sullivan county?
  68. Looking for a good place to gold prospect in NY
  69. new york state parks
  70. Wyoming County
  71. CNY weekend detecting anyone?
  72. Rockland Lake
  73. Tioga,broom,binghamton,apalachin ny spots?
  74. Reallly lookin for more people around the area of Owego, NY
  75. Campville NY..Need help pronto
  76. Tioga county: Owego NY area
  77. Columbus His Expedition, his Men and his Guns w/ Rodney Hilton Brown: 10/24/11
  78. Windsor ny?
  79. PLEASE HELP STOP the Westboro Baptist church protest during SEAL's funeral
  80. Upstate NY, anyone near Schoharie County want to hunt ?
  81. New in Broome County
  82. How many Long Islander's here?
  83. Coming home to Western New York
  84. Mohawk Valley - Oneida County Hunt
  85. lost ring on the general discussion forum
  86. New York
  87. central ny hunters
  88. Info needed on Malone NY/Salmon River
  89. Law citation needed.
  90. Heading to Roch. & the Finger Lakes - any ideas?
  91. Jerry's Treasure Den #?
  92. anyone
  93. what is the status of shore line and tidal areas on the Hudson River ?
  94. Looking for info about Clyde NY
  95. headed upstate. destination...unknown! want a weekend partner?
  96. June 24, 1905, Pennies Thrown by Sheepshead Crowd
  99. FOUND A CAVE NEAR BELLMORE.; Abode of Long Island Burglars.
  100. oswego county
  101. Chautauqua / Jamestown NY
  102. Anyone hunting near Plattsburgh NY ?
  103. Tri-State NY/NJ/CT Get-Together 2
  104. Lost and found help,Collins lake : keys found!!
  105. North Brother Island
  106. new virgin property
  107. places near oswego ny
  108. Long Island Public Symposium
  109. NYC MD'ing off-season w/ Permit...
  110. anybody know where to hunt (legally) in Findley Lake area?
  111. Coney Island renewal project
  112. MOVED: Old Aurora map 1875
  113. MOVED: Bennett School for Girls .....Millbrook
  114. MOVED: treasure on Butlers Ridge! by flyinguy
  115. Niagra county old schools
  116. Rochester, NY Area MDing
  117. Long Island
  118. Heading to Ticonderoga
  119. NYS Historical Aerial Photos
  120. Niagara/ Erie County Hunting and Research partners needed
  121. Anyone ever MDed Bergen Swamp in Genesee County?
  122. Melissa Penfield Park-Plattsburgh
  123. Niagra county
  124. Poughkeepsie
  125. Plattsburgh & Area
  126. Fort Wood Creek Rome NY
  127. Metal detecting sites in the Hudson Valley area.
  128. Niagara County, New York
  129. New to MDing
  130. Washingtonville New York
  131. Broome County Assistance Needed!
  132. Before you venture into the woods and detect this spring BEWARE ....
  133. NYC Permit for 09, new info
  134. How long before we lose all NYC parks?
  135. Historic Old Taverns Cherry Valley Turnpike
  136. Sterling Forest.....
  137. Into The Woods?
  138. Monroe county parks
  139. New Lebanon or Stephentown?
  140. Anybody from the Poughkeepsie/Hyde Park area and know the rules up here...
  141. How does one get a NYC Parks Metal Detecting PERMIT?
  142. Saratoga Ny Battle Fields
  143. Urgent - New York City detectorists need your help
  144. New York Forts
  145. Broome County Property search
  146. Bannerman Castle, Pollepel Island on the Hudson N of Cold Springs
  147. olean ny
  148. Looking for places to hunt (metal detecting)in Hyde Park or Poughkeepsie Area
  149. Caroline's First Tavern
  150. New Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting shop in Bellmore Long Island
  151. Moravian journals relating to central New York, 1745-66 (1916)
  152. Detector Shops in upstate NY?
  153. Any Corning,NY.Historian's/History Buff's,etc.out there? NEED HELP PLease!!!
  154. Long island hot spots?
  155. need a Hunting Buddy ?
  156. Interesting Research Idea
  157. Its nice when the sun shines
  158. Heading to the Burg tomarrow hope I hve some good pixs to post
  159. Heading to Buffalo NY 9/18-9/21
  160. Camp Siegfried, Yaphank New York
  161. I finally made it!
  162. Herkimer Diamond Mine
  163. fulton ny
  164. Lockport 1834 Summit Hill Mansion for Sale ....Cheap
  165. campville
  166. It's Final........ Going Upstate
  167. a few questions
  168. coil type on long island?
  169. Is permit needed for NYC proper?
  170. Hickories park
  171. going to be between Elmira and Endicott
  172. Skyline Park
  173. Interesting Cave
  174. Pharoah Mountain
  175. Never found one of these before
  176. Off to the beach!
  178. Do I need a permit?
  179. Dutchess County
  180. Jamestown, NY
  181. Cattaraugus County/Olean,NY newbie
  182. Endicott
  183. The next organized hunt...
  184. Moses Follensby
  185. NYC Takes Prospect Park and Owl's Head Park off the list of places 2 hunt
  186. NYC DEP Public Meetings We Should All Attend
  187. Any Long Island MD'rs out there?
  188. Chautauqua County
  189. palatine area?
  190. i'll be swinging tommorow!
  191. i'm in trouble!
  192. floating dredge any one?
  193. Kingsbridge Tory Gold
  195. c.n.y. herkimer county. any body home?
  196. orange county
  197. Looking for a park??
  198. any treaure stories for rensselaer county
  199. new to gold panning in ny
  200. Saratoga area, Looking for Hunting Buddies, I will travel
  201. ALBANY Tomorrow
  202. Anyone ever try this ghost town?
  203. John From New York ....Organic Farming
  205. Upstate NY Info
  206. Heckesher state park
  207. Albany Here I come
  208. Braddock Point Lighthouse
  209. Ossian
  210. Dark Shadows Tarrytown,New York
  211. Another NYer here (Wyoming County)
  212. Cold Springs
  213. Jon N Rigel Estate Westchester County
  214. Have a huge list of old places in New York with photos
  215. North Chili Potential Site to hunt
  216. Utica parks
  217. Supprised there is no NYC club
  218. Stillwater NY
  219. Favorite places to hunt in NYC
  220. NYC metal detect permit good at reservoir?
  221. Hudson valley area
  222. new A this , ne one got ne leads.....
  223. Catskill Mountains were a booming tourist attraction
  224. town and city parks
  225. hempstead plains
  226. looking for advice on long island beaches
  227. Check out this Tnet link
  228. The 100 yr old Broome Street church to be demolished
  229. 1903 ...Percifer Carr Dishes Unearthed... Buried during Revolutionary War
  230. looking for old maps!
  231. Find Old Coins I am Hiding in New York
  232. diving in NY ??
  233. James Fennimore Coopers Glimmerglass
  234. New York (Long Island) Historical Arial Photos
  235. Prospect Park, Brooklyn
  236. Hunting Buddy on L.I.
  237. Long Island Beaches
  238. Ashokan Reservoir Route 28 and Winchell's Corners, Shokan, NY
  239. Santa Train ...Medina
  240. long island
  241. Central Park
  242. hi all
  243. Mannsville NY Schoolhouse
  244. St. Lawrence County near Spragueville
  245. Montezuma Wildlife Refuge
  246. Terwilliger's Grist Mill - Saugerties
  247. Please help....
  248. Potterville NY Ghost Town
  249. Huguenot Association Park of New Rochelle Silver Coins
  250. Rome ny here any one else?