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  1. Pinpointer for minelab
  3. How-To Make a Pro Pointer lanyard
  4. coil protection
  5. J W Fishers Coil?
  6. torn between 2 detectors
  7. internal tube springs
  8. DIY FM transmitter for wireless headphones with stuff you already have!
  9. Cheap LED Light Panel
  10. Ok, I know exactly what we need, please Help!!
  11. fisher f75 ltd
  12. Moving from 9v battery to 6 AA batteries.
  13. Thinking of adding an additional coil
  14. Inexpensive Metal detector
  15. My "Hunting Her Style" AT Pro
  16. Bounty Hunter Lone Star Mods
  17. Increasing turning resistance of MXT Pro knobs-maybe others
  18. ZAGG Detector Screen Protector
  19. Quantum upgrade
  20. fisher Gemini 2 or tree or TW-5 or TW-6 electronic question hepl! sensitivity sw.
  21. Potentially waterproofing a detector?
  22. Can a Excalibur 1000 use a Excalibur II Battery
  23. Audio problem - Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II
  24. m6/mxt control box cover
  25. Waterproof Compadre project is complete.
  26. Garrett AT Pro Sling
  27. Where can you buy housings
  28. teknetics delta 4000
  29. Rons 180 meter where can i buy one new.
  30. AT PRO battery pack
  31. Excalibur II Coil Covers
  32. Coil Cover???
  33. AT pro larger coil
  34. AT PRO Detector Modification Question
  35. Garrett AT Pro solution!
  36. Garrett 350 modification.
  37. Night detecting accessory
  38. Whites xlt
  39. Garrett Ace 350 / Euroace manual Ground Balance mod
  40. F2 versus Ace250. Which has more custom options?
  41. Tesoro Golden Sabre II Mod
  42. Not exactly a modification
  43. Coil for Whites 6000
  44. Headphone hack
  45. My LED Light Set Up
  46. Night detecting
  47. Soldier proof underwater metal detector wanted
  48. DYI coil covers
  49. need help
  50. Crazy Idea?
  51. Probes and detector performance
  52. What company do you recomend?
  53. NEL Coils.
  54. Carbon Fiber detector shafts?
  55. Fisher/BH PP Mod
  56. Ace 250 simple DIY audio jack LED indicator
  57. Illuminate any detector's LCD screen for hunting at night on the cheap!
  58. Looking for a highly customizable metal detector
  59. Deep and shallow?
  60. volt/stud/metal sensor to poorman pinpointer mod
  61. Help (coil?) for Garrett Ultra GTA 350
  63. Audio frequency change?
  64. Adding pinpoint/mode button to handle for Minelab Sovereign GT straight shaft
  65. Digger Inspired
  66. Search coil gti 2500
  67. Noob!
  68. Propointer Skin
  70. advise me on a new detector.
  71. pioneer ex case
  72. Etrac coils
  73. Coil adapter?
  74. Equipment Modifications for Surf Meatal Detecting
  75. Waterproofing with Soft Seal?
  76. CTX 3o3o UW Speakered Headphones
  77. WOT Coil to Excalibur 1000
  78. Stand & pro pointer
  79. Q: Can i turn a old MD into a PinPointer?
  80. Deep penetrating radar
  81. homemade coil windings?
  82. Combinant technology detector
  83. Coil Mod
  84. Headphones
  85. Custom Minelab Excalibur Endcaps / Lathe
  86. Any suggestions?
  87. How to make your own Sidekick for the Propointer
  88. WATERPROOFED Detectors Overheating?
  89. My Amphibious Sovereing GT + Wireless Headphones
  90. Silver fever
  91. Tejon Balance (Center of Gravity) adjustments???
  92. 8 AA cell Tesoro operating regulated voltage
  93. 12 $ PVC frame and Water resistant mod
  94. New Metal Detector
  95. Homemade xterra straight shaft
  96. CEN TECH Stealth MOD beep and stealth/VIBRATE Switch water proofing
  97. Modified Fiskars digging tool!!!
  98. DIY: Modify Land MD to Water MD
  99. Any Excalibur coil conversion kits out there?
  100. Adding a lighted display
  101. Is it possable to make a pinpointer from scrach?
  102. How do i get to a higher leval and what does a greenie mean?
  104. Shrink wrap environmental covers for your machines!!
  105. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV - Mod 2, Custom Face-plate Cover
  106. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV - Mod 1, Disable Meter
  107. garrett. easy wireless
  108. xlt depth
  109. just won a fisher m-95
  110. Pioneer Bounty Hunter 101 "Treasure Finder"
  111. X-terra 705 platinum ???
  112. Just bought a whites spectrum xlt
  113. Whites ULA3/W-auto grd.bal.
  114. VIBRA PHONE 280
  115. At pro headphone modification
  116. nel 12x13 tornado any good
  117. Minelab Excalibur Coil Change Hardwiring Video
  118. need help finding parts
  119. Need electronics xpert on EM3 Eric Foster UK PI unit for 5x8 loop
  120. Tesoro 9v battery upgrade = 100 hour run-time for $1.25
  121. Goodie containers attached to my U/W detector
  122. AT Pro Modification
  123. My modded cen tech
  124. Homemade MXT volume control (kinda)
  125. Circuit Mod to increase range to Harbor Freight Cen-tech pinpointer
  126. Whites M6pro model. - Modification-
  127. I did the Coil Change on my excal.
  128. Excalibur Coil Change Matrix (SEF, WOT, S-12)
  129. 2nd home made headphones project
  130. Whites GMT Fine Tuning
  131. how to open Timberwolf -Howler Headphones ear cup?
  132. freq change on landstar?any one know where i can get the schematics
  133. Looking for a custom coil for a Gold Bug DP
  134. Excalibur Remote Pinpoint Switch
  135. Holsters for shovel.
  136. One of the ways put volume into your Garrett ACE 150 250.
  137. Tesoro straight shaft mod ***Done
  138. I sold old frank - put the knife to the se pro
  139. Can I put any wot coil on my excalibur? Let me know if not.
  140. Bag colleagues BoGoMoL
  141. Ace 250 Mods - 1/8 & 1/4 audio, backup battery, etc.
  142. Ace 250 Volume - Help Requested
  143. Important aspects of DIY coils - Garrett ACE
  144. Whites GT Headphone Mod
  145. Device that allows you to use coils interchangeably
  146. Ace 250/150 Modification.
  147. Has anyone modified a Fisher handheld pinpointer?
  148. 1270 Chest Mount
  149. would anyone know how to modify a model of sunray probe to fit my fisher 1270?
  150. Magnets for Meterorites ???
  151. VDI and ACE-250
  152. Classic II Project
  153. My ACE-250 night light MOD
  154. how to double battery life
  155. tesoro coil connectors for whites
  156. When Will They Make A Multi Frequency Detector and Fractal Coil ?
  157. Pretty much finished up my Straight shaft for my Musky. Total cost $12.33
  158. i just bought a classic 11 with ground balance. how do i set it???
  159. How hard would it be to water proof a land detector?
  160. how to increase the sensitivity ACE-250
  161. Garrett Ace 250 large coil cover
  163. Saturdays freezing night hunt. Silver, silver, silver!
  164. Excalibur 1000 Straight Shaft Connector
  165. tesoro mod
  166. Newest addition to my Explorer SE
  168. FXC 3000
  169. prizm 9.5 search coil (8.3 kHz) Will it help?
  170. CZ7 no more battery drain?
  171. External GB for a Golden Umax ?
  172. 2.5 GHz Quad or Duo Core Processor in our metal detector, would that help?
  173. Building a Minelab FBS battery car charger
  174. modify
  175. Whites surf pi mod's
  176. Internal pots identification on Minelab Musketeer Advantage
  177. TEKNETICS MARK ONE MODS..................
  178. Updated mod. of my Tejon
  179. Surf PI PRO coil exchange
  180. IDX mod pics needed.
  181. My version of a headphone plug re-positioning
  182. Mod for ACE 250 Audio
  183. Fisher 1236x2
  185. Does anyone make/sell a 1 piece rod? GOT IT, THANKS ALL.
  186. retractable headphone cord
  187. Looking for an expert in electronics to add discrimination to an Impulse MD
  188. Automax v4 Pinpointer Mod In Progess
  189. Surf pi pro coil exchange
  190. Have high freq hearing loss? Try this!
  191. Tesoro Tejon Mod.
  192. Modified Ace 250
  193. Surfscanner Modifications by MR. Bill
  194. Can Manual Ground Balance Be Added to a DeLeon?
  195. Retractable key chain?
  196. Tesoro Compadre Mod,,,
  197. My Old Compass X-100 Mod.
  198. Reworked Old Sears Best/ Whites
  199. Ace 250 attachment
  200. When you switch coil sizes tweak your "disc" settings....
  201. Tinytec Ultra Delux Pinpointer Mod
  202. Tesoro Cibola Mod
  203. Simple mod for Tiger shark users that requires no tools........
  204. Metal Detector Mods
  205. Need a second set of hands while doing repairs
  206. Constructing a battery pack
  207. detector shaft adjustment
  208. Mod that old BH
  209. can you waterproof a classic111 control box any ideas?
  210. Detectors best friend
  211. Questions and openions on modifications
  212. Compass 77b straight rod mod
  213. White's Classic II Wading Machine
  215. Excelerator Coil Repair for Minelab Exp II
  216. sunray probe
  217. Headphone modification????
  218. Any help to locate post on mods for exp 2
  219. Another Minelab Musketeer Modification.
  220. Minelab Advantage Musketeer under armrest mount
  221. Bigfoot on the White's Matrix M6
  222. Need help with XLT
  223. DX-1 probe
  224. Wooden Detector Shaft
  225. Some advice please!
  226. Automax pinpointer modification
  227. Depth range up to 3 feet & modifications
  228. Minelab Sovereign GT stand
  229. Volume device for white's MXT. Someone's gotta have thought of this already.
  230. Garrett 350 Ultra two box coil mod. Is it possible?
  231. 1280x
  232. Bounty Hunter Connector Mod????
  233. Minelab Excalibur discriminator control ???
  234. Home made Shadow X2 rain cover 4 photos
  235. Garrett Sea Hunter XL 500-Need Large coil
  236. silly question maybe Ace 250
  237. Shaft Locking Cams
  238. Clip-on illuminator for MXT display
  239. a more detailed can this be done (improving coil design)
  240. can this be done
  241. can i mod a Whites TM 808
  242. Adding a Backlight
  243. WATERPROOF uMax??
  244. Ever Make A Dual Coil ?
  245. Adding Manual Ground Balance Tesoro
  246. YEH BABY!!!
  247. Does Anybody have a manual or diagram for a Gold Mountain "Boss"?
  248. A Cool Modification to Coil and Lower Rod
  249. found a crutch, did a shaft mod
  250. ACE 250 versus White's Prixm IV... and why???