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  1. New Channel, New adventures (Indian Surprise)
  2. BIG Silver with the XP Deus (Video)
  3. Garret ADS Metal Detector
  4. Beautiful Day for a Trifecta and more..with video
  5. Milspec Metal Detecting Video
  6. First video, trip to England and SCEAT
  7. AT-Pro Coin Shooting
  8. American History Metal Detecting
  9. Blog: Metal Detecting Maryland
  10. Wheat pennies, cap gun and relics in the video!!
  11. Canadian coin VDI numbers on a Eurotek Pro
  12. First live digs using Eurotek Pro
  13. VIDEO metal detecting March 9th
  14. Detecting Gainesville FL.
  15. Check out my lastest videos.
  16. January metal detecting
  17. The best videos about metal detecting!
  18. Making 100 oz silver bar. Gold bars demos for Gold Rush show for season end.
  19. Automobile Find!
  20. YouTube Video's on Metal Detecting
  21. Best mount for GoPro Hero 3
  22. Etrac Detecting - More Hometown Silver!
  23. Scouting Area's to Metal Detect
  24. YouTube/Stoneymeagher
  25. Mermaid in tank
  26. Minelab Video Contest
  27. Lucky Golden Hunt
  28. Etrac Detecting - Brooch, Buffalo, & BIG Silver
  29. Etrac Detecting - Another 1st!
  30. First Hunt of 2014! Off to a good start...with video
  31. Winter Lake Gold!
  32. LMAO on this... Who's ever seen this ?
  33. 2013 Wrap-up and Last Silver of the year- 2 videos
  34. Etrac Detecting - My First Trifecta
  35. 2013 finds vid
  36. Weekend hunts with videos
  37. todays park hunt with my mxt
  38. 3 Cellar Holes and a Field Hunt
  39. The Wandering Prospector 13-Prospectors and Petroglyphs
  40. Frosty sledhill SILVER
  41. The big ring hunt scores!
  42. help please(value of this coins?)usa
  43. Sledhill keeps giving
  44. My best day yet-11 silver Sunday
  45. Etrac detecting - Five silver Sunday
  46. A Lost Indian and a Coal Mine
  47. Small Lake Cut Yields Gold
  48. Determined to get 100
  49. Saving History #62: Colonial Cellar Hole Village (part 1)
  50. My 5th video..Metal detecting silver
  51. Watch the video! Enter the contest! (Going diggin' in ENGLAND soon! Yay!!!)
  52. Watch the video! Enter the contest! Win a prize! :)
  53. My youtube Channel
  54. Old home hunt
  55. Last years finds
  56. my first metal detecting video
  57. Metal detecting Florida woods and a park with the CTX 3030
  58. Beach Cut Yields Silver!
  59. World War II Camp Hunt
  60. South African Anglo Boer War site (possibly...)
  61. Platinum, Gold, Silver and other Rings Hunt
  62. Detecting Without Borders rally in UK
  63. Port hudson hunt
  64. TreasureMtnDetectors NEW Video!
  65. Garrett Ace 150 Impressed me!
  66. Hey guys, here's my first video in my new metal detecting series!
  67. Metal Detecting: Labor Day Weekend Treasure 2013
  68. My Ardennes 2013 Trip! 4 Episodes
  69. Don't forget to check tha banks
  70. Group Hunt Yields 28 Rings!
  71. New show coming on Travel Channel about guys from R.I.
  72. A wide variety of videos!
  73. Old Mine Sites Video
  74. xp deus in iron
  75. Xp deus
  76. All my prospecting, metal detecting and investment videos
  77. Not Getting My Youtube Subscription Notices
  78. New video up Part 6
  79. New Gepard GPR video
  80. Part 5 Detecting old coins is up!
  81. Reality Check for New Metal Detecting Hobbyists
  82. "Dirty Movie" 06: One Piece of Luck & The Grass Guardian of Frederica Square
  83. My Metal Detecting Video's
  84. "Dirty Movie" #06: One Piece of Luck & the Grass Guardian of Frederica Square
  85. Free Cash and and Cool Items From the Skip- Urban Scavenger Channel
  86. New stealth digger's episode
  88. Found this video
  89. Stealth diggers you tube videos
  90. My gold prospecting Videos
  91. New video
  92. Dirty Movie #03: The House at Beachview Drive
  93. Forests, rains and Detective Poirot
  94. DigVid02-Virtual Treasure Hunt V- Coinshooting in Old Town Brunswick
  95. Treasure Mountains You Tube Channel
  96. White's Spectra V3i
  98. Sneaky land and sunny day!
  99. 1867 museum hunt
  100. Little hunt with the 3030
  101. Quick Digs! Confederate Artillery Button!
  102. Ancient silver ring, old seal, 19 coins and much all
  103. Quick Digs! RARE 1652 Mass Pine Tree Schilling!
  104. 14 Coins, Ancient knife and part of gun
  105. 9 Buttons, 11 coins, 3 earrings and 1 die: Eyes detecting 1
  106. Action Water scan and military button
  107. Just Went Over 1,000,000 Views On My YouTube Channel!
  108. Saving History: #61 - Killer Kirk! Awesome Low-Country SC Arrowhead Hunt!
  109. Saving History's "Quick Digs!": Confederate Cavalry Button!
  110. Metal Detecting nad Batteries
  111. Teknetics Eurotek Pro volume features
  112. Saving History: #61 - Accidental Arrowhead Hunt...Killer Kirk!
  113. Coins, Keys, Lead and The Pink Flower
  114. BIG SILVER and Civil War treasures :)
  115. 14 Coins, Ancient knife and part of gun
  116. My first Knife (WWII), Cartridge Case Exploded
  117. Tank bombs
  118. Hay field in NE gives up loads of Colonial Coppers. Live digs and showcase thusfar!
  119. Wisconsin Metal Detecting
  120. Officer cap badge RPR Romania
  121. Victorian Brooch
  122. Musket ball mold
  123. Beach Hunt With Fisher F2
  124. 34lb Portable Rock Crusher
  125. First gold of 2013
  126. my youtube
  127. Saving History's Best Buttons! New Video!!!
  128. My first buckle!
  129. Out With the Fisher F2
  130. it's give away time!
  131. New YouTube CRH
  132. My First Vid and i find Silver!!!
  133. check this out.
  134. As look for treasures in Russia.
  135. Any areas close to reno nevada where you can use a gold detector?
  136. WW I & WW II Shells! And a head of a bomb!
  137. Gommy metal detecting Romania 2
  138. My first video!
  139. Florida Hunt 2013 video
  140. anyone know of any treasure clubs in galveston?
  141. my blog and dinosaur movie - www.thebonedoggle.com
  142. my youtube channel update
  143. My Youtube Channel . . .
  144. My youtube videos
  145. Saving History: Episode 59 - Long Walk, Little Return
  146. Saving History: Episode 58 - Killer Confederate Brass!
  147. My metal detecting youtube channel.
  148. hammered coins from 12th century !!
  149. Video of my finds from the last couple hunts with the Vaquero
  150. My first video
  151. hammered silver from 1678, ring, many Bambi's :)
  152. Saving History: Episode 57 - Short Clips
  153. Saving History in HD: Episode 56 (PART TWO) - Find of a Lifetime!
  154. Saving History in HD: Episode 56 (PART ONE)
  155. Saving History in HD: Episode 55 - Back to the Button Dump
  156. Saving History's "Coppa's & Lobsta's" Tour 2012 Preview!!!
  157. White's Surfmaster Modification
  158. 16 Ring Treasure Hunt
  159. FMDAC Treasure Weekends From the 80's
  160. watching the vista gold in action!
  161. deep tech hunt with the vista gold finding a large cent
  162. AMAZING SILVER CACHE...if you love silver....1700's to 1800's
  163. For the Oldtimers on the East Coast
  164. More Gold and Silver from our "Great Lake"!
  165. New video
  166. 3 Gold Rings but my Friend Trumps me!
  167. Milspec FULL Product Line
  168. Big Lake Gold!
  169. Gold and Silver with Family and Friends!
  170. After Isaac beach hunting in S.E. Fla?
  171. Milspec Metal Detecting product video and cave hunt
  172. CASPER - 1ST PART OF 2012 FINDS
  174. milspec finds
  175. Milspec video
  176. Newbie
  177. First Few Hunts At My New House (VIDEO)
  178. Gold rings from Holland/Netherlands
  179. My finds video
  180. My New Video
  181. Treasure Tracker (LRL)
  182. RGMC e10 IBAR Diggins
  183. RGMC e9 IBAR Diggings
  184. D.U.G. Discovered Under Ground
  185. This week's finds
  186. Really Funny Metal Detecting Video
  187. Hunting in Natchez,ms part 2
  188. Hunting in Natchez,ms
  189. Goldinwater and TommyBoy"American Treasure Hunters" Check us out!
  190. Metal Detecting & Exploring Cellar Holes on the Old Barn Road (VIDEO)
  191. Whites Coinmaster metal detector found relic + Antique silver ring
  192. treasure hunt with Fisher F2 and Whites Coinmaster metal detector
  193. Whites Coinmaster metal detector and treasure hunting
  194. Whites Coinmaster metal detector found a half dollars in silver today video
  195. Whites Coinmaster air test video
  197. Metal Detecting a 1930's Tennis Court - Silver Coin Spill! (VIDEO)
  198. Dog Poop Prospecting
  199. Silver Ring and Old Coins from a HUGE Pocket Spill
  200. Exploring a Coastal Maine Brick Yard (VIDEO)
  201. BIG Silver
  202. Full Metal Jacket Metal Detecting Parody
  203. Play the Metal Detector Game and win!
  204. our 4 week old puppies playing
  205. Found a couple of Ladies
  206. Breaking Gold, Silver and Treasure News!
  207. Two Hunts for 2012 & Two Silvers (Video)
  208. 100 Pounds of Metal Detecting Coins.
  209. 2011 Metal Detecting Finds!
  210. Yoy can see all my video and form others members here !
  211. Back In Time: Lost Gold of Oklahoma
  212. First Hunt of the 2012 Season For Me (Silver)
  213. 10 Abandoned Places
  214. A Handful of Rings from the Lake!
  215. Garrett Metal Detector Ad and the Personalities of You-Tube
  216. A Quarter-Million YouTube Views in 27-months
  217. Treasurebone's Metal Detecting Finds For 2011
  218. Check out this hunt
  219. A Silver Treasure worth 26 Million dollars in the Hudosn River
  220. Golden Claddagh!
  221. My funnerest Metal Decting video ever!
  222. Ring Found while metal detecting
  223. 2011 Beach and Lake Finds
  224. New Year's Eve Bonanza!
  225. Garrett Ace 250 Ace 350 Comparison Test
  226. Do alot of you use record pause function camcorders?
  227. Need help..what video cameras do you use?
  228. What Video Cameras do you all use
  229. Baby it's cold outside....here's an idea 
  230. Lake Gold for an Old Friend
  231. Where I found a Trombone worth over $400, purchased for $15!
  232. Metal Detecting in Cape Cod
  233. A More Gold Yesterday!
  234. Episode 4 of embarrassing finds
  235. On My Way To Go Metal Detecting With a Couple Of Friends
  236. Old glass bottle found detecting old home
  237. Not a video, but have a question about camcorder
  238. Metal Detecting At My Teacher's House (VIDEO)
  239. A video of me discussing possible dangers while detecting
  240. Metal Detecting: I Find A Bone!
  241. Relic hunting with the AT Gold
  242. Gold and Silver Rings From the Lake!
  243. Colonial finds and some BTO!
  244. Silver Coin Hunting In The 21st Century.
  245. Sir Francis Drake's watery grave
  246. Detecting an old Sports Club
  247. MOVED: Anyone Know About Antique Shotguns?
  248. Metal Detector Enthusiasts Find Large Hoard of Roman Coins at Brendon Hill Worce
  249. Large Roman Treasure Gold Hoard Found With Metal Detector Worth Millions Worcest
  250. Roman Helmet Found In Cumbria By Metal Detector Sold For 3.6 Million