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    Dec 2008

    Ethics Question

    Did most of my detecting in Il prior to moving to Ar in '02. What's the standard practice if a friend takes you to one of their places?

    Do you now consider it 'open season' or wait for/suggest a return trip? I have a prime possible spot on private property that I have permission to hunt and take others. It's not so much I want to 'hoard' the goodies as see what's there and where. Finders keepers, of course.

    This is a, let's say 10-20 acre site, in the country vs a property in town. Just curious, TIA!

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    Dec 2009
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    Re: Ethics Question

    There is no set "rule" that I have ever heard of. Get it straight with your buddy before you go, otherwise you might lose your buddy and your detecting privileges. If you don't want him returning without you, then make it part of the deal before you agree to take him along. You certainly have the right to request, even demand that. In my opinion thats the way it should be since its private property and you're the one who obtained permission. If he should return without you and not re-fill his holes properly or otherwise vandalize the property, it will be "on you." You'll lose your permission to hunt that property and any and all future opportunities that might have arose from it. In my experience, permission to hunt someone's property almost always leads to permission to hunt other properties. Word gets around and most people are curious as to what might be lurking on their own property, or knows someone whose great grandfather supposedly buried money and they can't find it, etc. Case in point: Just a few weeks ago I received permission to hunt one of the biggest and oldest homes in my little hometown. The neighbor sees me out there and comes over to investigate. She was very friendly, and was just verifying that I had permission to be there. I respect that - neighbors looking out for one another. We got to chatting and she mentioned that her house was a bit older than the one I was hunting and that I should feel free to knock on her door and detect her property anytime I wanted. She didn't want any of the finds, but wanted to see them...just to see "what was there." I haven't been yet, but I definitely will.

    Now on the other hand, you can't claim anything on public property as "yours." That wouldn't be fair.

    Here's a story that happened to me several years ago on why you don't want him returning without you IMO. Its not metal detecting, but the principle is the same. There is a big pond/small lake near me that was rumored to be absolutely loaded with fish. HUGE bass and crappie supposedly. The old man that owned it was...well let me put it this way: he was not a friendly sort of fellow. He wouldn't even let some of his family members fish there. I just happened to be driving by one day, saw him sitting on his porch, and thought, "What the hell." Worst thing he can do is say no, so I stop and ask for permission to fish his lake. I had nothing to lose. Long story short, somehow I got permission to fish on my word that I wouldn't keep any. First day out there I catch a lot of fish, but its obvious that the lake is overpopulated (bass with big heads/little bodies and crappie that are all small & the same size). For the good of the lake a bunch of fish need to be removed. I drive to the man's house and tell him what I found. We drive back to the lake and I show him. He tells me that he wants me to get those stunted little @#@% the $%^# out of his lake. He tells me I can bring a friend along on my return visits if I wish, but only one at a time, and they are not to be there without me. I agree, thinking I'd bring my dad or grandfather. Well, a "friend" (we had been close friends since grade school) hears that I have permission to fish old man so-and-so's lake and begs me to take him. I should have known better, but I agree. I tell him the "rules". We're going to keep all the little ones, releasing everything else. AND THAT HE CANNOT FISH THE LAKE UNLESS HE IS WITH ME. He agrees and the next day off we go. We lost count of how many we caught. Easily over 100 with several healthy bass over 5 pounds (all released of course). As we're leaving my friend is already begging me to bring him back the next day. I can't as I have classes and work, but I promise to the following weekend. Well, the week goes by and strangely I don't hear a peep out of my friend. Saturday morning I head to the lake. The old man is there waiting on me. He proceeds to tell me that during the week he has run off no fewer than 10 different people, all of whom told him that I told them it was ok for them to fish there and to keep everything they caught. I also noticed quite a bit of trash around the lake that they had left. Bottles, cans, plastic bags, etc. I felt sick to my stomach. I assured him that while I did bring one person with me, as he said I could, I plainly told him that he could not return without me. It didn't matter. The old man not-so-politely told me to get the %@$# off his property and never return. I lost the trust of the old man, access to by far the best fishing around, and a longtime friend.

    So my advice is pick who you take CAREFULLY. If they aren't a close family member or someone you know WELL, then strongly consider just going by yourself. Greed can do strange things to people. Even people you think you know pretty well.

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    Re: Ethics Question

    not much I Can add to ArkieBassMan's post.

    if it's public property & I take somone there
    I have no problem if they go back alone
    or with somone else. It's Public.
    but expect a invite.

    If it's private property where I was told
    "everyone does without asking." by the person I Have permission from.
    same. Go for it.
    You get run off I'll Laugh.

    If private property & I have Direct permission
    for for Me & a friend, or needed a permit. no.

    It does bug me if I find a new site,
    somone finds out, and hits it before me.
    even if it's public. But "you snooze you loose"
    seemes to be the norm on this.



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