Looking for oil paintings or drawings with age
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    Looking for oil paintings or drawings with age

    I'm on the lookout for old oil paintings, drawings, or anything original with age. Let me know if you have anything i'd be interested in. I'm especially into things that have not been ID'd.
    Notable Finds:

    Many, Many British Coppers
    Also a lot of Connecticut Coppers...
    1726 French 12 Sols - 1/10 Ecu
    1776 Mexico City 1 Reale
    17xx Half Reale
    1787 Bust Right Vermont Copper
    1787 Machin Mills Vlack 19-87C - George III Counterfeit
    1787 Nova Eborac Crosby 1-A
    1796 Liberty Cap Large Cent
    2x 1797, 1798, 1800, 2x 1802 Draped Bust Large Cents
    1810 Classic Head Large Cent
    8 Matron Large Cents
    1846, 1851 Braided Hair Large Cents
    1825 Capped Bust Dime
    1825 Classic Head Half Cent
    1837 P Capped Bust Half Dollar *MINT*
    1853 Trime
    Revolutionary War Sword Scabbard Throat
    Brown Bess Musket Thumb Piece Marked "I-28"



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