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Thread: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

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    Jun 2009
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    World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    Hi friends,

    I am from Philippines and is looking for a Partner for our ongoing project somewhere here in Southern Luzon Area. We are operating in a private land together with our living asset(Land Owner). The project is near water area and believed to be the place where the Japanese Soldiers hid volume of GOLD deposits during World War II.

    We have professional Diggers already, veteran Treasure Hunter as our adviser and support groups.

    We are in need of a Scanner with 3D visual graphics that could detect GOLD, its size, depth and volume.

    Interested Financier are welcome to visit the site ASAP and scan the area first before deciding to engage with the group.

    We are a group of poor individuals with the same objective and interests to retrieve the Gold Deposits safely, share some to the less fortunate people and enjoy a happy life with our families.

    Additional Information:
    The area was scanned twice before, using only Dowsers and Metal Detector. Both results are positive and pointing only in one direction.
    Seeing the items underground using Scanner with 3D Visual Graphics will convince interested financier to engage with us.

    I will guarantee you a cheap expenses for this operation. Food to support the working team, minor handheld digging equipments and only the High End scanner will play the Major role here.

    Interested Financiers are welcome to send thier conditions and all information they wanted to know.

    email me at noelgv@yahoo.com or call at 00639155494762

    Thank You for your interests'

    Noel from Philippines

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    Feb 2007
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    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    I would like to suggest that you talk to simon_ibarra http://forum.treasurenet.com/index.p...,213859.0.html

    He has a large gold reserve and may be able to fund your entire project! He is local to you, so communications and all business arrangements should be very easy.

    Good luck!

    By the way, you only need to post this in one section please.
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    Nov 2007
    Denver, Colorado
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    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    I pity anyone in the Philippines that actually detects and tries to post any of their finds.

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    Sep 2006
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    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    Take lots of pictures!

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    Jun 2009
    2 times

    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    Thank you guys for your comments and suggestions.

    If ever there will be interested individuals to help us with this project, the only assurance that i can give is that. No one in my group will be involve in financial matters. It's all under the Financier's jurisdiction for him not to waste even a dime. I will not encourage financer to join with us with out convincing himself first about this project that's why you are free to come and see by urself. Foreign and Local Financiers are welcome.


    sorry for i have posted my previous message in 2different Message Boards. My apology one again. tnx

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    Jun 2009
    2 times

    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    WHat makes you think that your area is used by **** before? What are your methods? Do you follow the THAPI theory and Guide?

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    Jun 2009
    2 times

    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    GOD willing, we will be soon finish our ongoing project. It's almost a month now, and we're almost there. Rest assured that i will post pix of anything that we might recover.
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    Mar 2008
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    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    any pix yet?

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    Apr 2009

    Re: World War II Treasures in the Philippines

    sure, i wonder if anyones are really finding yamash-ta's treasures these days ?

    what is the truth about yamash-ta's treasure being findable even with a 'pointer' person?
    would the "hunter" 's group frivolous living on loaner's money suggest ?

    if never any Eureka! after the group been 'searching' for over twenty years, beginning to seems like a different voice in the echo then just the 'horn' sounding off

    may hope never end till hopeful recovery...
    give me a post or email


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    Jun 2014
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    you don't know what is the financial situation here in the philippines we are third world country and most of people here is not afford of the finances like this projects ..like me my group is only charcoal source of income we here because we need some help by using internet we believed that we found help help here...if you believe the WWII..all gold of yamasheta is found here...hunters here are the finders where located..some other hunters they bless because they found the easy deposits and it is a small percentage of gold deposits how about the big deposits..?and it is deep digging by yamasheta... i example like my experience 15 meters bigging from top to bottom every 1 meter any color of soil layered by layered and that is not an ordinary soil..a black ,blue ,orange color..there is a chemicals trapped..

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    Feb 2013
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    Keep digging and good luck.

    There are no ancient secrets to decoding the past, there is only great research and applied logic.

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    Jun 2014
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    its stop digging sir lock of financial.

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    Aug 2014
    3 times
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    I guess another failed project from dreamers. Sorry for your loss.
    Stop searching yamashita treasure and start metal detecting instead.

    Sirang Plaka Daily Life Blog Yamashita Treasure: Legend or Real? | Sirang Plaka Daily Life Blog



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