New South Wales Treasure Lead #1
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    New South Wales Treasure Lead #1

    Botany Bay and Lawrence Hargraves

    In 1912 Lawrence Hargraves discovered carvings on the foreshores of Botany Bay. The carvings depict letterings and 2 outlines of a Carrick, a vessel steered by a sweep, like an ancient Greek trireme. It resembled the ‘santa maria’ in which Columbus sailed to America in 1492. The letterings in capitals beside the ship were BALN. On one line and beneath ZAIH. The letter W was beside the symbol of a cross with and elongated circle. The symbol of intended conquest by Spain. It was emblazoned on the sails of the Spanish Armada and the ships of the Conquistadors. Hargrave translated the Spanish Latin doodles to read "We in the Santa Barbara and Santa Isobel conquered W from point to point by the sign of the cross. AIH could have been the rock signatures of witnesses to the declaration. In the same area, Hargraves also examined 2 stout rings bolts leaded into solid rock near the waters edge, far enough apart to hold ropes attached to the mast of a small ship. Nearby was an ancient excavation that could have been a dam.



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