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    Search in the USA for Moctezuma's Treasure

    Yes, I am convinced the Treasure of Moctezuma II is near where I live.

    Yet, I recommend hunters look in the US.

    Hypocrisy? Well, maybe, but not really.

    You are simply wasting your time in Mexico. As best as I can tell, it is a Federal felony to take anything that was from before Cortes.

    Several years ago, I read about several men who found gold near Vera Cruz. They were arrested and put in prison. I assumed it was for not registering their find so the government gets part of it. Based on the article I just referenced on this board, it looks like there is never any legal way to get any ancient gold you find.

    You find it. The government confiscates it, puts it in a bank, where it disappears and some government hero gets Victoria's Secret for his young honey. Bummer! Don't bother!

    You can get shot. You can get chewed up by dogs. You can get killed by gangs. What you can't do is get any gold for yourself out of the country.

    Well, I suppose you might sneak out a pound or two, but not enough to actually make a profit on the expedition.

    So, look somewhere you might get to keep at least part of what you find. In the USA.

    It is frustrating to sit here, a hundred yards or so from where I am convinced there is a fortune in gold and jewels buried and not be able to do anything about it. Not even to satisfy my curiosity. Which is actually all I care about. What would I do with hundreds of millions of dollars? Spend most of my remaining years of life, hog tied in the latest kidnappper's house, waiting for the latest ransom to be paid? This is not on my bucket list.

    But, at least I live here. Among friends, with kids to play with. To undertake a major exploration into unknown places with only a downside and no upside well, don't bother.

    Sure, in the places in the USA people look for what they call Montezuma's treasure, people have been wandering those hills for centuries with no results that we truly know of. But, at least with knowledge of the rules of the public parks you can have the satisfaction of actually looking for gold. Instead of sitting in a chair and whining.

    And, there is always the possibility that other treasures than II's were sent there.



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