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Thread: Shooting from the hip, the normal TH mode

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    May 2010
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    Shooting from the hip, the normal TH mode

    Though Tom and I do not agree, that disagreement is unimportant to me. I see him as "shooting from the hip", that is, acting on minimum information with great energy.

    Isn't that the almost normal behavior of TN folks? I sure would not criticize the way things are normally done. A lot of folks here have a lot of fun with spur of the moment hunting. Yes, I call it shooting from the hip, but do not mean that in a nasty way.

    Tom went on a lengthy vacation in that mode. And, I suspect he had a great time. He would not want to be where I am, looking at a suspected gigantic treasure with absolutely no opportunity to explore. But, he clearly enjoyed what seemed like a great vacation.

    The only issue involved here was he read a few of my postings, and assumed that I also was shooting from the hip, believing the mental wanderings of a bunch of drunks. That is not the case, it's called projection. In fact, I explained in great detail all my research and my conclusions, even put up my own weakest evidence.

    I am not sure I am explaining this very well, and have no intent to offend Tom. But, my opinion is based on a 30 year study, though I cannot supply more without outing myself. But, it is totally unfair to dismiss my study as gullible acceptance of a few folks. It simply is not so.

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    Dec 2012
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    seems like it ought to be a pm instead of a thread

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    May 2010
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    Perhaps. I don't know His comments were not PM's. And, my posting included a general comment about the many hunters who do enjoy relatively unplanned hunts. From years of reading, most do it that way.

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    Nov 2004
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    hi pie grande is tat Tom form calif ///
    "I exist to live, not live to exist"

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    May 2010
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    I think so. It is not important to me. My view was it seems most hunters do not spend great lengths of time as you and I have done, investigating and studying, and drooling with anticipation over the untouchable.

    In his comments, I believed he was assuming I had not studied it out very well, and was just a gullible victim of people with wild stories mostly coming from the mescal bottle. Those who read everything I wrote know that is not the case, whatever one thinks of the treasure being here.

    We also have that. Some years ago, two cousins got drunk one day while we were gone back to the States, and decided the treasure was in my back yard. This was not totally unbased on data, just not very wise. They dug a hole so deep that we still use it for compostible trash. I tell them when it is full, I am going to buy them a bottle of whiskey again. They were shooting from the hip; if they had thought it through they would have known it made no sense to be in that location. As I said military logic said the digging itself had to be completely hidden from public view in an area peopled by a conquered tribe.

    I get the impression that most hunters simply pick a promising place and take what comes. Feel free to correct me if this is wrong. I tell people often I have been wrong before and expect to be wrong again so am seldom married to an idea. This one took me over 30 years before i finally took it seriously.

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    May 2010
    383 times
    Part of my belief includes knowledge of the sources involved. For 40 years, I have heard about my wife's grandfather and his personality.

    He was president (like mayor) three times. When anyone came to his house, the dirtiest unwashed peon from a house made of sticks, the women knew it was their job to bring him a plate with frijoles, tortillas, and a few chilis. They didn't even ask if it was wanted. That is how he treated people.

    He also had his own son tossed in the hoosegow for public intoxication. Someone asked him why he tossed his own son in jail, and he said because he deserved it

    A grandson, now our builder, was sent by his dad to the woods with goats from age 10 to 17, by himself and day and night, except a short period of time when he was allowed to come in, clean up, and go to school until he could read; write; and do simple math. I thought this was very cruel. When the old man got too old to do heavy work, he might at times go out into the woods just to provide company for the little boy. One time they got a freezing rain, very rare here, and the old man was so cold he was unable to move. The boy put the dogs around him until he was warm enough to function.

    And, there are many more stories told by those who knew him. So, when they say he told them they found the skeleton and the gold piece, I have confidence in his word. That is something none of you can ever have, so that is why this is my personal theory.



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