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Thread: Restating The Case

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    May 2010
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    Restating The Case

    After some thought, I decided to re-state my opinion.

    I do not know the treasure is here. I believe the treasure is here. Just as many other seekers believe they know where a similar treasure is located.

    Look at all the money spent, all the lives lost, at Oak Island. (I think that's the name of that alleged treasure.)

    Likewise, I do not know exactly where the treasure is, IF it is here. I know where it must be IF it's here.

    Also, I believe there are other treasures in other places. Arizona; New Mexico; Utah. I believe this because I believe there was originally a lot of gold out there. New places found in California or Alaska had in some cases tons of gold, often easily found. It didn't take long in an entire region to dig out all the easily found gold and truck it away.

    I do not believe those treasures in Arizona; New Mexico; Utah; are the same treasure as that of Moctezuma II in Mexico City.

    I also believe that all the Emperors had their own bullion. Some of it may have been carried north, though I doubt it for reasons I have stated many times in the past. Also it is possible the Aztecs found and buried other quantities of loot on their travels to Mexico.

    I am also sure that any attempts to come here and take gold and jewels which are no more than figments of my thirty plus years of intellectual exercises, will result at best in prison time, and perhaps death. This is true in other places as well. Real of Tayopa (sp?) is another example of similar circumstances.

    I have no fantasies at all of ever digging out half a billion dollars in loot. My mental image for the future includes two possibilities. First, the government comes in and takes it and ten years later the bank used for storage says, "What treasure? No one gave us any treasure." This already happened once with the retrieval of the ship wrecked portion of the original treasure.

    Second, the treasure, IF it exists, continues on for another 500 years and eventually becomes totally forgotten.
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    May 2010
    383 times
    I went down page and re-read some old postings as far back as 2010. Not very modest, but I gotta' say, tooting my own horn, I wrote some good stuff.

    Even though all I did was write down the truth as I knew it at the time. Excuse me, as I BELIEVED at the time.

    It was amazing though, how a few men, even after reading all the legal and practical reasons it is impossible to go and dig, still hammered at me that I should be digging. Hee, hee. These are the guys who end up dead or in jail, feeling sorry for themselves.

    Update We did get some of the 19 September earthquake. The old kitchen which I wrote about at length in 2010, the one my wife learned to cook in, the old roof of Spanish tile, did come down. The last of the original roof is now gone, 100%. I wonder where the old uncles will take baths now...

    Of the three significant earthquakes I have experienced in this town, this was the worst. The Sept 7 was what I call a mover. That is, the ground moved back and forth slowly. The Sept 19 was a shaker. It shook hard. I only know of three significant damages. First, the old kitchen roof. Second, an old building in the Centro. And, very recently I learned an old building on church property used for restrooms went down.

    There was a grade school, part of it was brand new within 5 years. Someone told us yesterday it was damaged sufficiently it must be demolished and a new one started all over. To me, that is incredible. An almost new building didn't survive it? That builder must have been a thug to make a new building which went down in this earthquake. I will try to walk by there and see for myself. The kids don't seem to be distraught missing school maybe for months. Their mothers, though, do look a little ragged.

    Most earthquakes are at an epicenter. Where the actual quake took place, in this case 21 miles down. So most cities and towns are far from the epicenter, but still get serious damage. We were told the small village where this epicenter was located, essentially ceased to exist.

    I asked our builder if we got an 8.0 quake directly under our house would our house go down. He said the numbers supplied by the Federal design he used for our house would indicate, no, it would not go down. That does not preclude major damage to the stucco and windows, etc. Nor even the walls, but the roof should not come down and kill us.
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