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Thread: The witch map. aztec ? or Dutchmen.

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    Jul 2015
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    The witch map. aztec ? or Dutchmen.

    who knows what the treasure is on the Dutchmen witch map I found the witch next to the witch I found canals lined with the dead I am all most sure . what I am finding is Aztec they seemed to cremate there dead then make a strange funeral cement ball with different objects in the ball so I now know what they did with the dead . Now just wondering what is said to be on the witch . not gold mines is it just treasure . or is the dead the treasure .

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    May 2010
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    Are you sure the Aztecs cremated the dead? I know where I live that ancient bodies have been found in places that were controlled by Aztecs, and not ashes. I am not disputing your statement. I just want more detail. Thanks.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    May 2010
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    It may be solid data. The problem is I have no knowledge on cremated ashes. Please teach me what I am seeing in this photo, or at least what you think it is.

    And, in what circumstances? I don't mean where, we do not expect people to disclose secret locations. I mean in a known burial place, or what?

    I say again I am not disputing anything. I am trying to learn what you are showing us. Thanks.

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    May 2007
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    Aztec nobility were usually cremated, along with a few items related to passage to the underworld "mictlan".
    Commoners were sometimes cremated as well, depending on wealth or status within the community.
    Plenty of info on-line about this topic.

    I have no idea why Matthew posted that photo of the rock in this thread though.
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    May 2010
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    I did not know Aztec nobility were usually cremated. But, as I have been hinting, I certainly have no reason to disagree.

    That is interesting to me, because on my treasure location theory, they found a skeleton over 100 years ago, not ashes, when they dug down. That skeleton had a piece of gold on the neck location.

    I had wondered if that skeleton could have been Moctezuma II, or if that were a slave killed to protect the body in the next life, or whatever. It one assumes an Emperor would have been cremated, that sure rules that out.

    I will hit Google on the cremation thing, which if I read you correctly there should be a lot of data on it.



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