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    I appreciate the feedback and the compliment. My approach has never been to "prove" anything, but present the information I find and let people draw their own conclusions. I do read a lot, and mercifully, I do remember plenty because this is a topic that's constantly on my mind. I only wish my desire to put to paper and pen whats inside was as consistant. I think when my book is done, it will generate more questions than it answers, and that's fine. I don't know it all...and I don't consider myself an expert. I do consider myself a guy that has been fortunate in my access to research and a reasonable capacity to look t things from multiple vantage points.

    I've never disagreed with many people, and I'd never say you were wrong piegrande. More importantly, the way I approach things if you'rewrong or not makes no difference. Truth be told, one of the benfits to my approach is I never have to listen to someone while thinking in the back of my mind "he's wrong, here's why." Makes it easier to listen and incorporate things that make sense. I really work hard to not let my opinions prevent me from listening to and being open to alternatives. A body of knowledge is never complete, there is always more to learn on a given subject. I try not to let my beliefs filter important bits of information that might challenge my paradigms.

    You learn lot less trying to prove other's wrong than simply trying to build a position. I've also been fortunate to be around when the Internet has really opened doors to researchers. Treasurenet has been a constant source of information...but more importantly...a constant source of relationships for nearly 20 years. The Internet, email, Interlibrary loan and the increasing availability and ease of use of old books now scanned has been enormously beneficial.

    Thanks agian, people on here are important to me and a little bit of encouragment and support does wonders for my motivation...
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