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Thread: Aztec, Cibola, Zuni, Estevan Quivara and related gold-like conjecture

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: Aztec, Cibola, Zuni, Estevan Quivara and related gold-like conjecture

    Dear Lamar,

    [Estevanico then accompanied the Franscian friar Marcos de Niza to search for the Seven Lost Cities of Cibola in 1539 as part of Coronados' now famous expedition into what's now modern day Kansas. Marcos de Niza then reported that Estevanico had been killed by Zuni Indians that he had seen " a city in the distance as large as Mexico City, with street and buildings of solid gold and the Pacific ocean off to the West."]

    No contemporaneous reports confirm the statement in bold, including Father Marcos de Niza's own written report. There is some debate, even today, as to the priests statements as well as his honesty. You can find researchers coming down on both sides of the issue.

    Take care,

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    Nov 2004
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    Re: Aztec, Cibola, Zuni, Estevan Quivara and related gold-like conjecture

    good morning peeps: As mentioned the seven ciudades of Cibola are in the Valley of the Conijaqui. There are seven villages. They mixed iron pyrites - fools gold - with the stucco that they painted their houses with. From a distance it would appear to be of gold.

    They have many temples lavishly adorned with drawings and ceramics of Buffalo, and had an unusual custom of burying 'intact' , pottery in every sq meter of their ball courts. Most cultures broke the pottery to release it's soul before discarding or burying it.

    I believe that Life magazine sent a group there to photograph it just prior ot WW-2, which stopped further investigation. Interest had turned to other things after the war, so they never returned that I know of.

    It is now being considered as a UN Heritage site.

    I will have to check to see if there is an access road now. In the past you could only get there by Foot, Mule, or Aircraft.

    Sorry Lamar, it exists, and was used by the Crown to push exploration in the northen provinces with no expense to the Crown.

    Don Jose de La Mancha
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    Oct 2007
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    Re: Aztec, Cibola, Zuni, Estevan Quivara and related gold-like conjecture

    Great post!I can add a few things .In this Spanish 1529 map they show Azteca Recifes in the Gulf of Mexico on the coast of NW Florida..They were building Mounds in this area from around 900 A.D. there are still many Mounds in the area ...Where did they come from ? Where did they move later?Who knows--------- What kind of Indians were they really?The Spanish called them Azteca in 1529 that works for me Is there gold in this area ?No - Did the Indians bring gold to the area to trade with large ships in the 1500s ?Hmmmmmmm..... Did a Hurricane in 1559 destroy this area ?Yes indeed-- Most of the info & names match the Texas / Mexico area....But most of the maps & names are giving to areas at a much later date....Has anyone found the word aztec or land of the aztec on maps from the 16th century?
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