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A Pretty Decent Comeback Dig
Was happy with a pound coin, then gold in the woods !!!!
Follow Up Privy Yields Color!
Biggest 22k gold ring I've ever found!
Found A Another Hernando Today
Antler Knife, Pontil Bottle, CW Buttons and more...
Wow! I'm Still Speechless!!!
AMAZINGLY rare variety 1652 Oak Tree Threepence - Find of a lifetime!!!
fantastic 1640 8 reale cob found I'm massachusetts.
Colonial Watering hole deja vu ...ANOTHER EARLY SILVER RING...AND CHECK THIS ONE OUT!
Find Of A Lifetime
It had to happen, Gold Sovereign !!!!!
Dug Up a VERY OLD Gumball Machine - And It Was Filled with Coins!
Civil War era bone saw frame
Amazing Ferdinand VI  1757 8 reale !!
CS plate, that WAS a lucky charm!
Exceedingly rare Caribbean Countermarked Silver Coin Found (1 of 3 known)!
Medieval GOLD finger ring .
1837 SLAVE TAG & Rev War PEWTER!
What a day...some unique finds including 1600's to civil war (confederate brass!)
Paid for the new detector on the first day!
It took almost 20 years , today I found a GOLD COIN !
A TSAR of a ring...
Unusual find this morning @-120ft depth...a -30 BC find during scuba detection
Bucket list silver X2....then X2 again!!!! OMG.
1833 Slave Tag in Charleston
My latest pit
More Creek Finds!
My best hunt EVER!!
1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree
It took 45 years but finally won the Gold - and a nice silver!
Medieval Lion
1805 HalfDime??
Spanish gold
Cool CSA plate!
1880 $5 DOLLAR GOLD COIN!!!!!!
Early British Camp. stunning 1744 4 Reale
Best hunt of my life--2 6
Shakin' up again on the old copper trail!
BEST hunt to date!! 6 coppers, 2 seated quarters, a BUST HALF DOLLAR and more
1719 King George Coppah !!!! (pics added)
Best Hunt Ever! AMAZING UNIQUE Button, Gold, Silver, and more!!!
Civil War Sharps carbine bullets -- with intact paper cartridges!!
1770 8 Reale found today!!!!!!
Revolutionary button and KG II
From the Bronze Age until the Middle Ages
I Just Dug Up The Oldest Dog License I've Ever Seen!
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