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After 21 years of detecting it FINALLY happened.....1st Gold Coin!!!!
Gold Ring With Eagle On It
The find of a lifetime! 1652 Pine Tree Shilling!
1796 Draped Bust Dime
A Rare Find - 17th Century Pewter Pipe - Native American & Handmade
BUCKET LIST! 1714 Spanish 8 reales colonial silver dollar coin!
Cache containing 8 reale!!!
Amazing stunning Silver Viking brooch
Romano/Celtic dagger Cross Guard ID update 1st C BC - 1st C AD
Flowing Hair Half Dime -- Off the fantasy bucket list - With video
Ultra Rare Confederate Button just found - John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln Associations
Civil war dog tag.  Are you kidding me?!!!!!!
Dalton? Unfluted Clovis?
Roman Hoarde found 300+ Coins and counting
Not a CSA belt buckle BUT!!
1700's Luckenbooth TRADE Silver!
Stunning Early Militia Artillery Belt Plate leaves me stunned! WOW!
Gold posy ring from early site
Class of 1878-79 tag
Rare Admiral Edward Vernon button circa 1739-1750
AWESOME button, reale, relics, coins.......
SWEET JESUS--I just dug a GW Inaugural--IN LOUISIANA
How old is it? Celtic?
Found My First Gold Coin Finally!!!!!!!
C.S. Button
Tesoro Mojave Injun Tracks Down Silver Coin Spill And Finds Gold Coin
1500s SILVER COIN SPILL/HOARD found in the Swedish woods!
1783 Nova Constelatio - Liberty. Justice. Beautiful. Rare!!
1862 S $10 gold
Charleston 1850 SLAVE TAG !!!
HOly Molie, found a cache of gold!!!!!
Andrew Ellicott Warner escutcheon plate
3 inches of frozen ground reveal KEY date indian 1877 and nothing else
19th century gold
18th Century Silver Stock Buckle, Lock Plate, And a Few Other Goodies.
A Coin Spill for the Ages: Spanish Silvers, Large Cents, and a massive Old Si...
Rotary seal is now complete!
My First GOLD Coin
The Atrocha
Incredibly Rare Dragoon Militia/Special Order Regiment Button 1790-1812
Only known example, a one of a kind!!!!
Trade silver brooch, trade axe and silver spill
it wasnt on my bucket list because i didnt know it existed
1825 Capped Bust Quarter
46 grams.
Intact James Shell...Never In My Wildest Dreams!
1849 Gold $1 coin!
An XIII French Briquette Sword (Napoleonic Era)
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