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How old is it? Celtic?
Found My First Gold Coin Finally!!!!!!!
C.S. Button
Tesoro Mojave Injun Tracks Down Silver Coin Spill And Finds Gold Coin
1500s SILVER COIN SPILL/HOARD found in the Swedish woods!
1783 Nova Constelatio - Liberty. Justice. Beautiful. Rare!!
1862 S $10 gold
Charleston 1850 SLAVE TAG !!!
HOly Molie, found a cache of gold!!!!!
Andrew Ellicott Warner escutcheon plate
3 inches of frozen ground reveal KEY date indian 1877 and nothing else
19th century gold
18th Century Silver Stock Buckle, Lock Plate, And a Few Other Goodies.
A Coin Spill for the Ages: Spanish Silvers, Large Cents, and a massive Old Si...
Rotary seal is now complete!
My First GOLD Coin
The Atrocha
Incredibly Rare Dragoon Militia/Special Order Regiment Button 1790-1812
Only known example, a one of a kind!!!!
Trade silver brooch, trade axe and silver spill
it wasnt on my bucket list because i didnt know it existed
1825 Capped Bust Quarter
46 grams.
Intact James Shell...Never In My Wildest Dreams!
1849 Gold $1 coin!
An XIII French Briquette Sword (Napoleonic Era)
Sidewalk tearout yields gold, big silver, seateds and then some!!
Ear Plug...Never imagined another one would be found!
The Find of a Lifetime!
Black glass bottle, a gator and a cameo appearance by the Bearded Man
Tag You're It
1801 Drapped Bust Half Dime.
Civil War ID tag!!!
My first gold coin, and it only took 22 years………
Viking/Saxon Cloisonné Brooch - Find of the year!
Russia. My latest finds.
Now Celtic GOLD plus a Hammered GOLD.
Roll out the red carpet...bonanza time...big silver, tree silver & MORE!!!!
Yes GW yes!
It finally happened, a bucket lister completed !!
Found my first gold coin
Viking silver and fittings from Irish relic box
My First Gold Coin! Need help idenifining please!,
My dream day
Found an eagle breast plate in NY.
The most GOLD I have ever found in one hunt ! All 22K !
Union sword belt plate in great shape!
1759 Pistareen and some other bucket list finds
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