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    Jan 2007
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    An update

    I am still being seen by VAMC in Oklahoma city. They are doing the best they can, but my injuries are getting worse.

    I am having numbness and weakness in my right arm, along with the other issues caused by my lower back problems.

    The medications they have me on are controlling my pain....and causing sexual side effects. I am a 32 year old guy with a 26 year old wife. This is really bad.

    Due to my injuries, I can no longer swing an MD, at least not right now. I am giving one of my MDs to a fellow disabled vet for free. At least he can use it.

    I do not want any of you guys to feel sorry for me. I have a wife and daughter who love me, and I came home alive. Many people did not come back from war.

    I just wanted to say hi to those that know me, even if you do not like me. And my yard is still open to being hunted. I have yet to find silver in it, but my town is over a hundred years old, so silver has to be here.

    Thanks guys.

    NCOIC Bloodbank and Transfusion Services, Al Asad Iraq, 2008-2009.
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    Re: An update

    I am sorry to hear about your injuries. Family is very important especailly in times like this. I know many vets don't come home and from one vet to another, WELCOME HOME and thank you for your service. I live just North of Austin and have been in the service for 20 years now. I been metal detecting for 2 years now. I hope and will say some prayers that you recover from your injuries. It is good you have a loving wife who understands your situation and stands by you.

    I am forunate to have been wounded as well and I got back to normal from my injuries, but being single, and not really having any family close by to support me and be there for me, I had to do it all alone. My injuries were not disabling enough to me and my opinion, even though I was told I could draw disability. I just wanted to recover and continue to serve which I still am and can still do everything I had before. I will wait until I retire to file any claims if anything becomes of my injuries later.

    What town are you from? I am always looking for towns that have a lot of history.
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