Calling All Army Dawgies - When and Where did you go to Boot camp.
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Thread: Calling All Army Dawgies - When and Where did you go to Boot camp.

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    Jan 2010
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    Calling All Army Dawgies - When and Where did you go to Boot camp.

    I did my training at Fort Dix, NJ Oct - Dec 1978, A/6/3. That is Alpha Company, 6th Basic Training Battalion, 3rd Basic Training Brigade.

    Most memorable experience in Boot was the two guys from California, never seen snow. Snowed about a foot one night while we
    were in the rack. They woke up about 3:00 a.m. and ran outside in the skivies and boots, not a single stitch of clothing other
    than what was mentioned. They were making snow angels, having a snowball fight and making a gigantic ruckus. Woke up the
    DI's who called everyone outside for formation. Rule was everybody had to be in the same uniform, the two jerk lids did'nt have
    time to get upstairs and change so the whole platoon had to strip to skivies and boots(no socks). Then we did PT for
    5 minutes in the snow and were released to go back into the barracks.
    While performing CQ for the night, I overhead the company commander chewing the living bejesus out of the two DI's who
    made us do PT in the snow. A week later they were gone, two days after that the 1st SGT was gone and two weeks before
    graduation the Company commander was relieved. All this because two knuckleheads had never seen snow before....
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    Nov 2009
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    Ft Jackson South Carolina Jan 1980 A/7/2 Third Platoon
    I always got a kick out of how they kept telling us that if the base got cut off from outside world that we could run everything and we got one inch of snow on the ground and everything closed for the day LOL

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    I did my basic at Ft. Jackson SC Oct 1992 E 3/28th Inf.

    I remember pulling up in front of our barracks on "sky blue" the buses from reception station. The drlli sergeant says "YOU'VE GOT 30 SECONDS TO GET OFF MY BUS AND 28 OF THEM ARE GONE, MOVE!

    Did my AIT at Ft. Lee ,VA. Like FreedomUIC, the first snowfall had a bunch of our guys acting silly. I remember watching from the 3rd floor as many were frolicking in the snow. My buddy was from Louisiana and was losing his mind. LOL
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    Ft. Knox, Kentucky, 1973.
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    Sep 2012
    Basic - Fort Sill OK 1994

    AIT - Fort Knox KY 1994
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    Ft. Ord California Charlie Company 6th Battalion 3rd Basic Combat Training Brigade 1975 then to Ft. Sill OK for AIT (82C).

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    Fort Benning Ga. C-8-2. During the summer heatwave of 1983.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csachipper View Post
    Fort Benning Ga. C-8-2. During the summer heatwave of 1983.
    Fort Benning, The Benning School For Boys. --->>>> OCS
    I was at Fort Gordon for almost a year for AIT, nice but it got cold in the wintertime....
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    May 2011
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    Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. OSUT, September of 1977. Combat Engineers. Hot as hell when we got there and cold as f**k when we left.
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    Sep 2012
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    BCT@Ft Sill OK, 2003, 1/22 Field Artillery

    AIT@Ft Bliss TX,2003,1/57 Air Defense Artillery
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    Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 1964. C-5-2.

    There was a major meningitis epidemic when I was in basic. We were read orders that anyone with even a sore throat was to report to sick call. The sergeant who read it then said, "If you do, you will regret it." They issued a rule which said before you went on sick call, you had to take all your stuff, bedding; foot locker; and wall locker, to the stock room before you went.

    We had a kid got so sick he was delerious. Another sergeant said, "If he can't turn in his stuff, let him lay there and die."

    As soon as the sergeant left, everyone grabbed his stuff, took it to stock room, and him to sick call.

    Long after I got out of the Army, the man who was at the same time I was there, the highest ranking enlisted man (I am guessing Sgt. Major E-9, but that was a long time ago) at Fort Leonard Wood moved to our city, and sold mobile homes. I told him that story, and he was furious. He said they were having to tell parents why their son died, and were frantic to stop the meningitis. He said if someone had reported those sergeants, they would have been in Fort Leavenworth for a long stay.

    Sorry, that memory just came back to me. We were kids just in the Army, and they did have us scared to say a word.

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    Sep 2004
    Kingman AZ
    44 times
    Fort Dix for Basic (G Company). AIT at Fort Dix as well (I Company). Fort Benning, Georgia ( University of Gravity) and off to join Charlie AIRBORNE at Fort Richardson AK. Yes .... it was COLD!

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    May 2012
    Butler, Pa
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    Ft. Dix Nj. Sept 17 1985 C/3/5 AIT grad 44E10 (machinist) April 16 1986 Aberdeen proving Grounds Md.
    Had a nervous stutter when it came to "request permission to recover" during basic. So, needless to say... I mastered the pushup rather well.
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    Dec 2012
    ocala florida
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    Fort benning October84 to Feb 85
    E 8-2 harmony church
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    Nov 2007
    Staunton IL 62088
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    Fort Ord California 1967


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