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    Apr 2015
    26 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    i'm not in the US right now and no answer to the email but no problem,i'll call next week

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    Jan 2015
    128 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honestly my first bazooka was the 24 inch sniper and I love that thing. it's a beast! if I'd have known what I do know I'd have got the 30. but I love my 24. it's the perfect backpack sluice. light easy to use, and fits in my pack nicely. I don't need all the fancy equipment. internal external frames, bungies and so on. I load up my bag, pan. folding shovel,(works great with the sniper) crevice tool and Rock hammer for getting through some of the tough areas. Took me a couple tries to really understand the bazooka and these guys helped alot with the learning curve but all in all this is the best sluice if found. there's the vortex drop sluice but my god for the price and I hear there extremely finnacky. honestly I believe the bazooka still beats it hands down. for many reasons, weight, usability, holding onto gold, the vortex is supposed to make Tom's of little fluid beds so I don't think it's any different than a le trap or AM. Now there's the real vortex sluice that has a completely different idea and sounds like a great tool. then theres an underflow sluice. extremely finnacky, needs X amount of water to much it blows it out, to little doesn't work, X amount of material per hour and I'm talking a little amount the small one I believe is 3 gallons of material an hour to much it clogs up.
    but the bazooka hands down the simplest and most effective sluice I've found. the way it works is completely genius. everything plays a part in that sluic. the slick plate. helps automatically classify everything, the abs plastic little bumbs gives fine gold a place to lodge and hide as most the heavy material goes buy before it gets pushed into the trap, the trap itself is genious. I have a video that help explain how that works, but the way the material moves in there acts like a catchers mit for heavy material and it can't get passed it cause it bulges up at the front catching everything and forces the heavier stuff to the bottom. it's truelly an amazing tool.
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    Have pride in every aspect of your life. Have pride in everything you do. be it your job, or your home life, to washing dishes to your habits. if you do this you will be proud of yourself and who you are and know that if your Proud with what you've done, then others will be amazed. so you'll never have to worry about someone else telling you you've done something good

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    Gbonus Uralias

    Dec 2014
    Ventura Ca
    Gold Bug Pro w/ NEL coil. Minelab Xterra 705, Bazooka Snipers (24" and 30"). Royal Folding Sluice with Gold hog mats. Thompson 12V Puffer Drywasher.
    942 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Yee Haw!
    My 24" Sniper is shipping today and I should have it by this Friday for my trip up into Oakhurst area.
    Really looking forward to using this tool as intended.

    As Skiddum Says...... a Pan, a folding Shovel, some crevasse tools, and a pick.
    All fit nice and concealed into my pack.

    Being inconspicuous is becoming more important to me lately.
    I really don't want people to know what my intentions are as I'm hiking by.
    Also to be light enough to do 12 or so miles and to be able to set up and pick up at a moments notice.
    And with the Sniper, I feel confident that if I do stumble onto some good pay dirt, I can hunker down and do some damage right then and there.

    Good pointers in this thread that will be put to use.
    Thank you all for your wisdom.


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    All the gold in the universe was created by colliding nuetron stars. Most of all the gold on earth arrived via falling meteorites about 200 million years after it was formed.

    Apr 2015
    Superior, Colorado
    30" Sniper Bazooka Gold Trap, X-Stream Hybrid Pro hand dredge, Royal Manufacturing 54" Powered Stream Sluice, Pans of all different sizes and shapes
    360 times
    I'd love to see an active Sniper thread. I just purchased a 30" Sniper last week and am patiently(not really) awaiting its arrival. I have so many questions and am trying to read through everything on here before I create any double posts or redundancy. At this point I'd like to say that I appreciate all the experienced users posts like KevinInColorado who are just a wealth of knowledge. I have yet to lay a bazooka in the water but I am confident that when I do I know exactly how to trap that gold with it. I love you guys.

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    Treasure Hunter

    Jun 2013
    Bazooka Sniper Sluice 30"
    598 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I've had the bazooka sniper for about 2 months now. Here is a collective pic of the gold I've gotten from about 16 separate hour long trips in small Denver creeks. Averaging around .10g per hour . Great sluice!
    Name:  bazooka16digs.jpg
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Size:  18.0 KB
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	zookaside.jpg 
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Size:	798.7 KB 
ID:	1329269
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	zookafront.jpg 
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ID:	1329270


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