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    Feb 2005
    Spring Hill, Florida
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    If I was a cussing woman I would be really using every word I could think of right about now! I have a Fisher CZ-20. About 3 weeks ago I went hunting but stayed in the dry sand as it was too cold to get in the water. It was extremely windy out that morning and my machine kept acting up and I blamed the wind. When I was facing into the wind it was very erratic. When my back was to the wind it seemed to work just fine. So I blamed the wind and thought perhaps it was time to put new batteries in just in case. So when I got home I put new batteries in.

    A week later I drove all the way down to CWB (about an hour and a half from me). Got all the way down and put my gear on, walked to the beach, turned the detector on and...... a soft beep, a little red light and then NOTHING! I turned it off and back on... a soft beep, a little red light and NOTHING! OK I was sure I had just put in new batteries but.... with my memory maybe I didn't sooooo I put new batteries once again. By the way I do write it down in my spreadsheet when I put in new ones in. Well that time was not so bad because I had put in my Garrett GTI and I went ahead and got to hunt but stayed in the dry sand.

    This morning I decided to head back down to CWB. Now I knew for a fact that I had put new batteries in AGAIN. I turned the machine on before putting it in the car and yep it was working fine. Off I went down to CWB. In fact I went a little farther to another area. I put my gear on.... walked to the tot lot just before the beach and turned it on. I got the soft beep, the red light came on. GREAT! I started hunting the tot lot and ..... NOTHING! No matter what I did NOTHING! I packed up my gear and drove down to the nearest convenient store and bought MORE batteries. Went back to the picnic tables and put in the new batteries, turned on the machine. A soft beep, a red light and then NOTHING! &%#8%*%*&

    Well as you can tell I am no MD whiz. I don't know how to fix things or even figure out what the heck is wrong. All I know is that it is not working right.

    I've heard the horror stories about guys sending their Fisher's in to be repaired and that they are charged huge amounts to get them repaired. I don't have that kind of money. Well unless I can come up with a plan my water hunting days are about over. This really stinks! OK I am done ranting and raving. At least on here. I will keep steaming here at home though.

    Garrett GTI 1500, CZ-20, White's Dual PI, Bounty Hunter QD II, Ace 250, Determination & persistence!

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    Apr 2007
    God's lap
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    Re: *%$#*&%

    Maybe someone here will have some ideas on what is going on with it! That sucks!!

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    Jan 2009
    Garrett Ace 150, Minelab Soveriegn Elite, Minelab 305
    12 times

    Re: *%$#*&%

    Dang that really does suck....
    Im guessing youve done all this but thought Id add it anyway...

    Check Battery compartment for any corrosion
    Check ALL of the cable leads.
    Visually inspect all of the cable for cracks, breaks, etc...
    Check the connections (Pins, to make sure none are bent or broken)

    Im not familiar with your brand but I would go over that battery compartment. If you just use Nine Volt batteries its possible one of the leads if broken or messed up. If thats the case its a pretty inexpensive fix for someone with a tiny bit of electronics experience and a soldering gun....

    Good luck

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    Dec 2007
    Tierra del Fuego
    23 times

    Re: *%$#*&%

    Maybe it's just bad contacts for the batteries? Did you check them?

    You might wish to try Keith Wills at brokendetector.com

    He's highly recommended. Contact them and ask?

    I am a pathological liar and a functional illiterate.

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    Jan 2008
    Punta Gorda, Florida
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    Re: *%$#*&%

    Boy that stinks. Is there any dealers in your area that you could take it in person and have them look at it quick? Maybe it would be an easy fix. Maybe the batteries aren't making good contact etc. Have you looked in the battery compartment to make sure you don't see any corrosion or anything. Take a flash light and see if you can look in an make sure its all clean in there.

    I know there are several great guys in your area RDI, and Cavedweller come to mind either one I would think may be able t at least be another set of eyes. Keep us posted , that stinks I know how much you enjoy your water hunting.

    Keep you eyes on the pawn shops, a lot of folks are turning them in and there are some awesome machines out there at a steal price. They bought them when gold was real high thinking they were going to the beach and find a pair full of rings and of course after they dug a pail full of cans they get discouraged and take them to the pawn shop.

    Check your batteries frequently. Remove your headset (leavethem around your neck or close by). Set the volume control at

    “10” and click the SENS control counterclockwise into the BATT

    TEST position. The condition of the batteries will be indicated in

    two ways:

    1. An Audio Tone: The stronger, the better. A loud,

    high pitched tone indicates good batteries. Aweak, low pitched tone or “ticking” sound

    indicates weak batteries. No tone means it’s time

    to change the batteries.

    2. Light Emitting Diodes: When both LED’s are

    brightly lit, your batteries are fully charged or nearly

    fully charged. One brightly lit LED means your

    batteries are about half gone. When both LED’s are

    out it’s time to replace the batteries.

    The CZ-20 is powered by four, 9-volt transistor batteries located

    in the rear section of the control housing. The batteries are sealed


    16. Divers should make sure the drain holes in the

    headset are unobstructed. Better yet, wait until

    you’re on the bottom before putting your headset

    on, and take it off before surfacing.

    17. Divers should also keep the search coil at least

    2 feet away from their bodies. Metal gear (weights,

    gauges, tanks, etc.) will be detected by the CZ-20

    if held too close.

    8. Practice. Practice over known targets. Practice

    ground balancing. Practice pinpointing. Reread

    the appropriate part of this manual if you’re having


    For even more “how-to” information, see your Fisher dealer for

    “Advanced Treasure Hunting with the Fisher QuickSilver Series Metal

    Detectors” an 88-page, illustrated book by CZ expert Andy Sabisch.


    off from the electronics so that accidental water leakage into

    the battery compartment will not damage the circuitry. To

    replace the batteries, remove the battery access door:

    1. Remove the battery door by partially unscrewing

    the two knurled thumb screws with a coin or

    screwdriver. (The knurled knobs are “captive

    screws” and do not have to be completely

    removed from the battery door.)

    2. Remove the battery pack from the Control

    Housing. It’s not necessary to disconnect the

    battery lead connector. Be very careful not to put

    any undue strain on the battery leads.

    3. Remove the batteries from the battery pack, and

    install fresh alkaline batteries. You may also use

    rechargeable Nicads, but expect about half the

    battery life.

    4. Insert the battery pack into the Control Housing.

    With your finger, push the top of the battery pack

    (with the leads) into the Control Housing first, then

    let the bottom follow.

    5. Make sure the O-ring and both sealing surfaces

    are clear before reinstalling the battery cover. THIS


    6. Finger tighten the thumb screws, then carefully

    tighten again 1/4 turn with a coin or screwdriver.

    I am not a fisher man but don't they have a limited lifetime warranty? Also try emailing them they maybe able to help. It is worth a quick email....

    email: info@fisherlab.com
    <br />http://www.greyareagraphics.com

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    Aug 2004
    Minneola, FL
    Excalibur 800; Fisher F5; White Beachmaster VLF
    185 times
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting

    Re: *%$#*&%

    Mumsie: Go to the post office and get a flat rate priority mailbox and ship the control box and coil to Fisher. Have them give you an estimate. It could be a wire that came loose or corrosion on a lead.Get an estimate before repair.
    In 2007, my 1990 Minelab Excalibur that crapped out, sent it in and they rebuilt it for $200.00. I got a brand new 2007 control box and coil for $200.00. The only thing original on my unit is the shaft. I know money is tight but having a $1200.00 detector in the closet, isn't doing you any good. If you've saved any of the gold rings and stuff of value that you've found then sell it to a Goldsmith or coin shop to get top dollar, never go to a pawn shop.
    Good luck.
    9 books authored: Forts, Camps & Batteries of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania next to be released, Ohio rereleased April and Virginia, New, released in April. Next book series will be North & South Carolina.

    Where to Metal Detect in Central Florida and South Florida. All books formerly available at Kellyco are out of print. They will be available as they are redone and made available on Victoria Rhine Facebook page. Watch that for the releases. Currently working on researching Kentucky. Thank you.

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    Feb 2005
    Spring Hill, Florida
    122 times
    Banner Finds (1)

    Re: *%$#*&%

    Ok I got an email from Fisher this afternoon and I have boxed up the machine and will be sending it to Texas first thing tomorrow morning. I had to send a check for $25.00 to help cover the shipping and handling charges and I've requested an estimate BEFORE they do any work on the machine. Now..... I wait! Meanwhile to keep from going into total withdrawal... I will land hunt with my Garrett GTI 1500. I love this machine and I've been doing fairly well with it. So gng's I'll keep you posted as I found out.
    Garrett GTI 1500, CZ-20, White's Dual PI, Bounty Hunter QD II, Ace 250, Determination & persistence!

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    Apr 2007
    God's lap
    X-terra 70 ACE 250
    53 times

    Re: *%$#*&%

    Very much looking forward to seeing what you find!! Hopefully your water machine will be back good as new very soon!



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