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    Feb 2010
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    Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum. I'm thinking that scuba diving in shallow water might be easier than trying to stand up, bend down, and dig in water that is pushing you to and fro. I'm sure there is a trade off, but to me it sure seems that scuba diving offers more protection from the sun, less strain on the body, easier digging?, quieter hunting, etc. But I do not know. Any feedback would be appreciated?

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    Re: Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    Scuba diving is so limited (Air) and should be saved for over your head type hunting. When I go out shallow water hunting its for 6 hrs at a time. This alone would require 6 tanks of air. Working underwater uses much more effort that standing and there by more air. Now if your deep diving and have lots of water over your head this isn't as true. But shallow water it isn't going to be easy. Now if you go with a hookah that has unlimited air so to speak. This would be a way to go.steve

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    Re: Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    I did a 40 foot dive today for 50 minutes and used almost 2000 psi (there was 1100 left out of 3000). I would imagine at a depth of 4 to 5 feet it would take you 2 hours or more to bleed a tank down to 500 psi. Of course that would be if you're not swimming a lot or other conditions that would cause you to use more air then normal. Also, your jaw will have fatigue after a couple hours under.

    So with 2 tanks you would probably get four or more hours underwater with a 4 to 5 foot dive.

    At a depth of 26 feet I was under for one hour twenty minutes with the Excalibur last year. After the second dive I was exhausted. So again at a shallow depth I imagine by the end of the first tank you will be probably ready to go. Two or more hours under water is exhausting......
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    Re: Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    Forget the shallow water scuba as it will be unproductive use of your time and money for gear. As was said you won't be able to stay down very long. Hookah would be better for the air use, but still be very hard on you. Better to wade in shallow water and if the waves bother you to much you are in the wrong depth or surf. There are long handled scoops that us waders use as we do not bend down. Diving is expensive.
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    Re: Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    I would think that being closer to shore the tide would work against you and cause you to work more to keep in place hence using more air but I am not a scuba diver so not sure on that.

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    Re: Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    Give more thought to snorkling then scuba.....Lot of hunters down here snorkle and fan the targets......

    Using a good long handle scoop, you don't really do as much bending down, as you do standing and scooping up...

    I use long sleeve rash guard shirts, sun screen, and hat with neck guard do to protect me from the sun, as well as using wetsuits to also protect me from the sun, jellyfish, and keep me warm if I am not hunting down in South Florida.

    After a 10-12 hour day of water hunting, it's not my back that hurts as much as it is my legs from all the walking.......I use the harness with bungee, so I don't have that much pain in my arm....
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    Re: Scuba Diving in Shallow Water

    I do the best of both... I wade in water then use Hookah to go under and scoop..... I dont use a long handled scoop... just a cat litter one..... this is just in fresh water lakes..... I also use this method in deeper water.... standing upright.. walking in 8' of water..... using Hookah....then kneel down to scoop...... I am sure many will criticize this method, but it certainly works for me.. helping me to grid areas way better



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