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Thread: 1715 Treasure Fleet GPS Cordinates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trez View Post
    Not sure if this was ever posted in the forum, but here you go.
    Actually it is very well done and may help a few of the new wanna be hunters/potential finders soon to be on the Treasure Coast.

    yes very well done
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    In southeast Florida beaches south of inlets erode, beaches north of inlets accrete, because although the gulfstream goes north,as I understand it, there is often an inshore current that goes back south and carries sand usually southward.....when nearing an inlet the southward current is interrupted and the sand is dropped, when the inlet is crossed there is no sand to replenish but sand is taken away. North beach in Fort Pierce (1715 fleet ground zero), can grow vegetated dune lines eastward at a rate up to several feet a year which I think after living here 70 years, has outpaced storm and hurricane erosion by just a hundred or so feet over all that time. On the other hand south beach has to be re-nourished at extreme cost and a degrading of the quality of sand every other year and needs huge amounts of sand to replace it after storms and hurricanes.

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    This is what I think....Just like riffles in a sleuth.Cape Kennedy is the only formation that juts out into the Atlantic . Most storms & Hurricanes & the gulf stream all travel UP/North the Fla. coast.If I were- a yet to be found-1715 ship,this is where I'd be see video


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