Met a fellow dirt digger yesterday
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    Met a fellow dirt digger yesterday

    I finally made it back to the river and found hardly anything until I started across the park to talk to a neighbor about a propeller I found. Saw this man and his wife and little girl and didn't pay much attention and another couple were fishing off one of the docks. Then I heard the sound of his detector and he was using a Tesoro and found a token and lots of trash like I was doing. I didn't find any token but a small ear ring with no markings and when I headed across the length of the swim area to talk to a neighbor, I found a coin spill and recovered 4 coins. The man with the detector came over and I introduced myself and he works local. By the time I talked to the man next to the park, I was too tired to get back into the water and only got about 2 hours detecting. Found 2 more lures and got the treble hook from the little Cleo spoon caught in my scoop and the hardware cloth and pulled it loose from the lure. Enjoyed myself but really wanted to spend more time detecting. Saw two long lines of geese in formation and talking to each other and I'm always amazed at what God provides to inspire awe and wonder in our lives. Found the second 1965 quarter and I must be getting close to silver, but not yet. Usually when I find a coin spill, I work around the compass in a square and usually find some jewelry, but got in too much of a hurry yesterday. That sounds crazy I guess saying I work around a round compass in a square, but what it means in my little way is I work east-south-west and north of the coin spill and most times I find something. Hope I can get back next week, but since I have to cook for the entire clan, it's doubtful. GL & HH.

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    Maybe you can hook up with them for a future hunt?

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    Good luck with the next hunt.
    "A bad day of metal detecting, is better than a good day at work"

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    Sounds like you had a good time fongu! It's always good to get out for a hunt. Best of luck on the next one!

    “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
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    I always thought that Socializing was part of the experience? I'll always stop and chat if they'd like. I do the compass thing also, the 16 point compass. It works. Good Luck!



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