Detecting Cocoa beach pier and south
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    Sep 2009
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    Detecting Cocoa beach pier and south

    Hello it has been a while since I have been able to hunt. On vacation for a couple days and just wanted to confirm there are no issues with hunting the beaches around cocoa beach pier and south (never had a chance to hunt FL before). Looking for confirmation on the sand (dune to low tide)? As well as are you able to hunt the water here as well?


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    No issues at all, water, dry sand or wet sand...

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    Sep 2009
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    Thank you

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    Cocoa Beach Surf Report and Cocoa Beach Pier Surfcam - Florida Surf Cams

    Have hunted this area for years, never a problem.
    If you don't care to pay $20.00 to park at the pier or feed a meter, the county parks are free but shut at dusk.
    This beach is the closest to Orlando and is over-hunted, nonetheless new drops give you a shot.
    Do not expect to find old Spanish stuff here, you need to go farther south for that.
    Sun On The Beach, a diner just south of Patrick AFB, is one of the best in Florida.

    Good Hunting
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    TO AVOID PAYING AT PARKING LOTS - I do not live down in Fla. but used to go down often yrs ago)
    I have my gal drop me off and either hunt my way to an area she can park for free or lot less or call her when Im done and have me picked up
    or bring a bike and find free or cheap parking and then bike to area you want to hunt
    Ive heard of guys taking the bus to spots down there to save -
    then there's the extremes that bring a paper bag with out of order written on it and they put
    over a meter - you know who you are
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    Also check for trolleys... at our beaches you can park at the free lot (ending area) and then ride the trolley up to the starting area... no bare feet on the trolley but socks are acceptable.
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    I have hunted Cocoa Beach many times.I usually park at the free parking lot ,near Ron Jon's surf shop(just across the street from Alan Shepard Park) and walk over to the beach.I haven't been there lately,but there are a lot less people going to the beach,than in Summer time.I recently got out to Melbourne Beach for 4 hours and found a whole 84 cents.The beaches are pretty sanded in,but that often changes.HH ,Ron

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    Feb 2014
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    I hunted Cocoa beach last yr and for several yrs and always parked south 16th st S (Murkshe Pk) right next to the beach where there is free parking AND an outhouse. Look on Google maps of the area to find park. Also, Melbourne beach is all new sand thus little to find. Much of the area from Cocoa to Ft Pierce have had beaches re-sanded! FYI, Rumor has it that gold is washing up on Indialantic, just north of Melbourne beach. Check at low tide.



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