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    May 2003
    Santa Marta de Magdalena,Colombia
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    Buying or making new Coil Cable for Excal.

    Hello everyone.
    Going to replace my Coil Cable on my Excal 1000.I've looked around at most articles and Videos.
    My Cable is of the 5 Wire type.Black,Red Blue,Green and Orange.!Most of the Articles show working on 4 Wire Models.(later Models?)
    All I can find here in Santa Marta Colombia, is 4 Wire Cable.The Wiring Chart Posted by OBN,show a source for Cable at McMaster and Carr,but it only shows info for the 4 Wire Cable.I'm working on a Shoestring Budget.Could I just get 5 Strands of the correct gauge Wire,and enclose them into a long piece of Heat Shrink,as a Sheath?

    If so,could someone give me the Gauge of the Wires?The Black and Red seem to be a little Heavier Gauge than the other 3 Strands.And also,what length should i make this Cable? it doesn't NEED to be as long as STOCK,right? A Tech at Minelab told me once,that shortening this could cause problems,as the Cable length is Tuned to the Coil.? OBN refutes this statement.And I myself have shortened the Cable Years back when I converted the Machine to Hip Mount (which I now regret doing)better yet,could someone turn me onto a Source for the real stuff?I hesitate getting anything shipped down to here,as things seem to take forever and are sometimes "Lost"...Thanks.Ken..

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    Jul 2006
    Orlando, Fl
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    You do realize the strain relief point on the coil is not a connection point, it is a pass through point, the cable is hard wired to the windings in the coil and then epoxy is poured over the top of the windings. are you planning or splicing the new cable above the connector?
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    Apr 2011
    Excal with Wot, Infinium LS , CZ7a PRO
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    Show us a pic of what you are trying to fix.

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    May 2003
    Santa Marta de Magdalena,Colombia
    9 times
    Treasure Hunter.
    Hi.I had it in Mind to Splice in the Wires just above where they exit the Coil,and build the "Coffer Dam" and fill it with Resin as in OBN's Procedure.He thinks outside of the Box!

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    May 2003
    Santa Marta de Magdalena,Colombia
    9 times
    Jim in MA.
    Hello.Simply trying to replace the Coil Cable.OBN has the Idea right.It's just getting the right Materials that's the Problem.It's just getting the correct Cable from a Source(with the corresponding Headaches of getting it to a Third World Country)OR making it up myself with 5 Wires and a long piece of Heat shrink for a Sheath.Any Ideas?
    Thank god for Epoxy and Duck Tape.Ha,ha.



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