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Thread: Beach conditions

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    Mar 2014
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    Beach conditions

    I’m hunting on a 1 1/2 mile long horseshoe beach in the Caribbean. Waves are 3-4’ most days. Very little tide. My question is does the gold ever resurface once it’s gone beyond range? One week the sand comes in and the next week it goes out. Constant replenishment. Does gold ever come back up or move horizontally or does it only go deeper.

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    Feb 2014
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    I get excited when the sand gets washed out and it exposes the underlying rock layer (or clay) where I find a lot of goodies. I've heard of light gold/diamond rings traveling 1/3 mile down beach with the shifting sand. And those heavy pushing waves- anything is possible. On east coast of Florida, treasure coast, very heavy gold items are constantly washing ashore after storms from sunken ships lost hundreds of years ago. In your situation, I'd be looking for low spots and where the sand has been removed...cuts, I love cuts...Also, scan along the back dunes; heavy storms will push coins and light jewelry along the base of the dunes where they accumulate.
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    From what I understand, an object in this case gold, will find a level that has the same specific gravity as the object. Of course coral, hard pack and forces such as storm waves can move the object.

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    Look at how the sand collects in the horseshoe. Is it even around the entire horseshoe? If so you might want to figure out if a long shore current exists and detect "downstream" of the horseshoe and where sand may be leaving. If one side of the horseshoe has less sand than the other, detect there. If you are looking for modern, look where people play, sunbathe play volleyball, etc. Or check where they swim at low tide. If you can do so safely. You don't mention your detector, some work better in saltwater or damp sand than others. Check scallops or cuts as others have said, look for low spots or where water reaches farther toward the dunes. Highest and lowest tides are at full and new moon, wind helps to. Use a pattern to search the above areas, don't just wander around.
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